How to Change Your Sales Process in This Year? 5 Things to Follow

Sales Process

There’s a better saying in sales marketing, “If you’re not changing, refreshing, innovating, inventing or moving forward, you’re going to fall back and face the odd consequences.” It’s simply because the idea behind the marketing needs to get updated every time and the reason is quite obvious, it’s evolving. So, let’s face it, the sales process has changed a lot and to stay in the race your sales process will have to evolve too.

Why to Change your Sales Process?

It is quite obvious to say the sales profession moves faster than ever today. In the blink of an eye, you would spot tons of competitor and products that are similar to your release and it’s a race which you would not want to lose. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re committed to, because ultimately, you would spot the same challenge everywhere. There is no time for trial and order or taking but a perfect time to sell and become the master of your own race.

But, how has your business had to adapt in order to meet sales? Or has your business been around long enough time to survive through these changes? So, to answer some of the important questions, we have some common areas of your sales process that you should think about changing:

1.  Ask, Listen and Act:

These are not only just three mere words but also words that would summarize success and boost your sales. According to this Forbes’ statement:

  • Your questions must be extra creative and pre planned, relevant and direct to any customer so that you would have the correct set of data at the end of the day.
  • To boost sales, you need to assess and then improve your listening skills as well. You should come to know what the customers like the most and the reasons behind it.
  • After listening and asking, you must take the responsibility to respond and take actions that prove you have listened to the customer. This not only boosts your sale strategy, but also helps in forming the mutual bond with the customers.

2.  Live Chat in the support Customization:

For many people, this idea would look really shocking or they must have stunned to see this, but very less of you know the real sale strategy behind this awesome move. Live chat provides the on-time reviews from a customer due to which we get to know what needs to be improved from your end. Generally, sales are all about satisfying a customer. So, to support customization by providing custom requirements, we could use this method as well. Some of the well-known advantages are:

  • It supports real-time approval, earns instant smiles from the customers- customer experience.
  • It supports Customization by which many things can be altered at once – multitasking.
  • It helps in accessing the products in custom way- selectivity.

3. Remember BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing):

For changing the sales strategy, you need to focus on certain on-field things which should be improved only after assessing. As we all know customers are getting smarter than they were ever before.

So, customers today:

  • are highly updated
  • are more demanding
  • have higher expectations (quality, delivery)
  • have tighter budgets

So, in order to fight the odds out of the customers, you need to assess various factors so that a customer gets what he wanted as you scale up your own sales:

  • Budget: you need to set up the whole budget of the product in such a way that it price doesn’t get affected.
  • Authority: you should have enough authority to change your sales strategy, but also remember that the customers are on a higher level and you can’t harass them.
  • Need: every product should be launched so as the need of the customers are taken care of.
  • Timing: you should be aware of the events that can happen in the near future, and thus timing plays a very crucial part.

4.  Selling on Customer Needs:

This is a very obvious point that you all must know but it’s not easy to judge early as you might not know the whole background history upon this. For boosting your sales, you should always be aware of the current needs and demands of a customer in as that’s going to be the fence buster whether you are playing an important role or you are just a commoner. What does that mean? Consider these factors:

  • Meeting the appropriate demands of a customer
  • Reaching the expectations (providing quality, delivery, cost)
  • Trending products which they might be needing in near future

But for that, you need to take a whole survey out of the all the customers from your database start grasping the needs of them. They might need some things that could be more related to your product and you may reach your ultimate goal.

5.  Support Customization:

Support customization simply means selecting your own fields and methods to implement a sales strategy. Here, it can be used to boost your sales. You may take reviews from users or customers and once you get to know what the negatives in your products are, you may apply customization. But, it is not that easy to implement Customization, here are the steps that you may be looking for:

  • Initial Release of your Service/Product
  • Ask/Generate reviews from Customers
  • After getting feedback, try to locate the loopholes
  • After that you’ve found out loopholes, try out different ways to remove loopholes and shape their alternates and release again as a modified version.

Here, we have a similar example who applied customization and he got benefitted later. A user said, “A decade ago I was spending $12000 on print advertising, and I was doing 25 trade shows a year with three salesmen running around the country. But now I spend $15000 and do only 5 trade shows and have no one running around the country doing demos. Our machine is demonstrated on YouTube and websites. Thus, this is how I achieved through Customization”.

The idea is?

You will have to look for the proper web channels for yielding optimum exposure.

Thus, if you follow above methods, you will gradually feel a long bulge in your sales. I admit, that it’s not going to be an overnight success but there is always a starting point. So, when are you starting?

No matter what you’re selling, every salesman has to follow some process to accomplish goal. Read some of the tips that can change your sales process in 2017.

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