Blockchain Platform Connecting Gamers, Game Developers and Game Publishing Platforms Globally

Blockchain Platform Connecting Gamers, Game Developers and Game Publishing Platforms Globally

OREN, a revolutionary new platform bringing gamers, game developers and game publishing platforms under one roof, allowing them to evolve in the online gaming industry with the power of Blockchain by their side. It is a universal platform where any programming language can be used to build games on any platform (i.e. Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS, consoles, etc.). It will have an open market to allow for games to be bought instantly and securely without a third party. Oren came up with the idea of loosening the centralized monopoly where the game publishing platforms take away huge chunks of the game developer’s revenue by creating a platform where game publishing platforms have to compete with one another in a decentralized open market auction. A very interesting feature of this auction is that this helps to decide the revenue sharing model between the publishing platforms and developers based on per game per publisher. It also helps to keep the Oren platform transparent since both the developers and publishers decide on the revenue sharing model together, based on the game’s popularity and the traffic, hence the revenue, which the publishing platform can bring.

For gamers, it will become easier than ever to arrange gaming competitions without a third party interference in case of the prize distribution since the Oren system will neutrally manage the whole process through smart contracts. It will also allow in-game items to be traded or sold over its platform as actual assets which will let the users convert the coins they earn to other crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum which can be easily liquidated to fiat currencies. Oren platform created a means for gamers to earn monetary values for their skill, time, creativity and dedication for games.

Oren is not just a platform to connect gamers, developers and publishing platforms, but also a self-sustainable arena which comes with extraordinary services such as decentralized game streaming, encrypted communication system, auto prize pool distribution for competitive gaming, piracy protection, crowdfunding platform for game projects, mechanism to protect the coin value from market dumps, built in decentralized exchange and so much more. It also provides a revolutionary peer to peer platform where all the participants can gain monetary value for time, skills and creativity. All of this has been made possible by the existence of the Blockchain technology and the skyrocketing growth and ambitious gaming industry. One of Oren’s chief founders, Sophia Neustadt said, “Oren was given life after its developers realized the extensive potential and influence of the Blockchain and gaming industries; with some thought it became obvious that fusing these two industries, with immense growth potential, would not only multiply their growth rates but would produce something absolutely spectacular.”

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