Best Free VPN and Ad Blocking For Privacy

Best Free VPN and Ad Blocking For Privacy

Windscribe is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that blocks trackers, beacons and ads that can interfere with your privacy. Users can change their locations manually or simply use a feature called Cruise Control to automatically pick the location for them, and automatically switch when they need to unblock a certain website, just like Netflix. You will also take the advantage of faster page loading because most trackers and ads will be removed from the website you use daily.

When you use the cruise control feature, you don’t have to swindle with options again. All you need to do is install it and forget. Another advantage of the extension is that it has built in it to allow users to generate secure links from their browsers and share them with their friends to show the tracking that is happening on websites you use daily. When they sign up using your link, you get paid.

Desktop client

During the installation process, you will see a windows security dialog to install the driver necessary for the proper functioning of Windscribe. Click Install to allow it and thereafter, sign up for an account by following the instructions provided. You will be required to use your username every time you want to login into your Windscribe account.

The free VPN secure link generator with ad block is usually turned off by default. When you are connected to the internet through VPN service, you can simply minimize Windscribe software to your taskbar.

Advantages of using Windscribe

You can view a Windscribe as browser extensive and a desktop application. Here are the advantages of using this application:

  • Access everything from anywhere

The internet was meant to be accessed anywhere, but that’s no longer possible. Internet service providers and other parties block users from others countries and the government blocks several sections of the internet. You can break out of government and corporate firewalls and unblock geo-restricted content

  • Leave no trace

When you use Windscribe, you can erase all digital footprints. The desktop apps and browser extension help to reduce your exposure to surveillance and tracking.

  • Share privacy

You can use to send a link to anyone and show how much tracking is happening on most sires.

Free VPN secure link generator with ad block basically combines full VPN that encrypts all your communications with browser based ad-blocker and anti-tracking tools and more. This is a freemium service that allows a single connection on one device, 10 gigabytes of data transfer and you get to choose 9 exit server nations before you advance to Windscribe Pro, which helps you unlocks all these limitations.

One of the main advantages is that it works just like any VPN and doesn’t block specific destinations or protocols; therefore, you can use it to freely access location restricted content, secure yourself on unsecure Wi-Fi networks or securely share files. You can find desktop versions of Windscribe for macOS and Windows, mobile versions for Android and iOS and browser based tools for Firefox and Chrome and Opera. You can download the application online, but make sure that you are downloading from a secure website.

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