The Best of Employee Advocacy: Why and How It Matters To Your Social Business

The Best of Employee Advocacy: Why and How It Matters To Your Social Business

It’s been a decade since social media resurfaced and took the digital society by storm. Its mileage is traceable from its rough-sailing journey of being a digital fad to becoming an important part of the digital identity of a particular brand or company.

The top marketers and executives in the digital market across the globe are using social media platforms to promote the content marketing, recruitment, sales and more. The traditional company sectors are beginning to adapt the trends to look for beneficial solutions across corporate silos. The implementation of employee advocacy is a viable solution.

According to Ed Terpening, an Industry Analyst, the interest over employee advocacy grows to 191%  which makes it the key objective in every business plan. It’s the reason why marketers and business owners right now are using employee advocacy to surpass the noise of social media and leverage the status of their brands.

Employee Advocacy and It’s Benefits To Your Business

An organized and well-planned advocacy program have positive impacts on businesses in many possible ways, both in measurable and intangible ways.

Below are the significant benefits that every business can reap by incorporating the power of employee advocacy in their marketing strategies.

Employee Advocacy Boosts Social Media Reach By Up To 561%

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Following the study conducted by the MSL Group, employees advocates have connected to a massive volume of people. The volume is as many as the brands fluctuating on social channels which can boost the brand content by up to 561%, yes the figures are that big.

If one employee has an average of at least 300 connections on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, the company will generate a high number of employees.


Employee Advocacy Makes It Possible To Access Untapped Markets

If you can see traffic on web pages without proportional conversions, it could only mean that you did not access new markets yet. According to the study facilitated by Cisco, 92% of the employee’s following on Twitter is new to the brand. These employees have access to the new markets that you can infiltrate with the help of the employees themselves.

On the other side of the coin, you can utilize guest posting to reach a new market or audience. Several companies invest in augmenting employee bloggers who have the ability to write for external and internal blogs and visit website that is appropriate for the contents that they are going to produce.

It is also advisable to use blogging to make the client-facing employees as industry experts and thought leaders.

Employee Advocacy Enhance Lead Conversion Rate By 7x

The majority of businesses right now are generating substantial revenue from social media platforms. It is possible through driving traffic back to the web pages that allow lead capture or purchase.

A social-savvy audience nowadays is more responsive to the contents shared by direct connections and isn’t very receptive to the contents shared by different brands. Thus, contents are more efficient and useful when shared by credible brand advocates.

The recent study conducted by Econsultancy shows that only 22% of companies are satisfied with their conversion rates. Furthermore, the data of IBM states that leads generated from employee advocacy have 7x higher conversion rate compared to other leads.

Employee Advocacy Elevate Employee Engagement and Performance

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Most executives and marketers find employee engagement as a challenge. If an employee advocacy program is implemented correctly, engaging with employees and improving their performances will be easier.

Following the economic reports of LinkedIn and Altimeter, 20% of employee advocates have a higher probability of staying at their company,  27% are thinking about the future of their businesses, and 57% are more likely to produce more sales leads using employee advocacy.

Employee advocacy program is a door of opportunity to acknowledge top performing employees. As you know it, recognition has been found as an excellent reinforcement to boost the performance of the employees.

Employee Advocacy Boosts Social Media Engagements

Just like employee engagement, most companies struggle with producing engagements in social media pages too. It’s the situation where employee advocacy can help. Posts shared by employee advocates have 8x higher engagements compared to those contents shared by brands.

It’s clear that social media users prefer to interact with their connections than brands. Below are the guidelines on how to improve social media engagement through employee advocacy.

  • Provide the employees with adequate social media training or a crash course in social media management so they can represent your brand well and generate the best influence on social channels.
  • Make a set of guidelines for employees. This tactic is vital to make social media interaction efficient and easy.

Employee Advocacy Enhances Social Selling Efforts

According to the study conducted by Jim Keenan, a sales expert, there’s a 78.6% of sales personnel who uses social media platforms to enhance sales and surpass their co-employees.

Also, Keenan’s study also reveals that 54% of salespeople who use the techniques of social selling close more deals than those who don’t. This data only proves that employee advocacy is very prolific when it comes to connecting the sales team to the contents produced by the marketing team.


Everyone in the corporate industry knows the importance of social media in marketing strategies. It continues to be one of the greatest frontiers of opportunities for employees to make a difference for themselves. And if you train these employees and give them excellent contents to share, and acknowledge their advocacy with advancement, they will grow and develop into a more potent asset.

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