Backblaze brings their low-cost backup solutions to enterprise

Backblaze brings their low-cost backup solutions to enterprise

Backblaze, the company that started by offering personal cloud backups and low-cost cloud storage, now has services available for enterprise level backups. Just like all of Backblaze’s services, the Business Backup service is ridiculously affordable. Business backups start at $5 a computer, per month, or a yearly rate of $50.

Not only is the service cheap in cost, but it offers truly unlimited cloud storage. In a time where many backup providers have gone away from unlimited storage due to cost restraints, Backblaze maintains that it is still profitable for them thanks to the design, and cost efficiency, of their storage pods.

While their personal cloud backup service would work for enterprise, there simply wasn’t enough functionality. That changes with the Business Groups package. With this package, companies will be able to access information that was previously unavailable through Backblaze. IT departments and administration will be able to check on the backup status of specific computers and if backups ran or not.

In addition to the computer backups, businesses can also get server and NAS backups through Backblaze now. Using integrated software from Synology, Cloudberry, and others, this service is available for an additional $5 per terabyte per month.

Overall options for both services are relatively basic, but that’s ok, because what it does do, backups and restorations, it does extremely well. If a full restore is needed, Backblaze will even send a hard disk with all of the data on it. This service is free if you return the hard disk once you get all of the data off of it.

Backblaze was founded in 2007 and is currently headquartered in San Mateo, California. To find out more about the company, check them out here.

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