AnyPerk raises $11.5 million to continue to bolster its perks as a product service

AnyPerk raises $11.5 million to continue to bolster its perks as a product service

Job perks used to be a fun addition to salaries and benefits but they’re becoming a necessity to bring in talent, especially in places like Silicon Valley where companies seem to almost compete on who can offer the best perks. This can be difficult for startups that just simply can’t afford to compete with established organizations. That’s where AnyPerk comes in. AnyPerk is essentially a platform that allows businesses to provide perks to their employees.

As Taro Fukuyama, CEO of AnyPerk tells it, “AnyPerk helps customers build cultures of appreciation and recognition, knowing that happier employees mean better business. Unlike traditional benefits solutions, AnyPerk is the only company that offers a simple, high quality suite of products that boost employee happiness.”



“More specifically, our Perks offering lets companies offer premium discounts and VIP treatment on over 800 brands. It also lets companies set up and manage their own perks of all shapes and sizes, often with guidance from AnyPerk. Our Rewards offering is an easy-to-use rewards and recognition platform that lets companies celebrate milestones and achievements with manager-to-peer and peer-to-peer recognition,” he continues.

AnyPerk recently just completed a funding round of $11.5 million, making their total in funding a little over $25 million. When asked about the plans for the funding, Fukuyama states, “The company will help us generally grow and get closer to our mission of helping companies build places where employees love to work. In particular, we’re going to invest in our Product and Customer Success teams.”


The perks as a product company will also be using the money to bolster their current products. “We currently have two products, Perks and Rewards, and we want to deepen the value of each of those and expand our product portfolio. Our Customer Success team can help find the right mix of offerings for our customers and guide customers on how best to use and personalize our offerings customers’ unique employee bases,”  says Fukuyama.

With higher retention rates, better performance, and greater engagement, providing awesome perks can no longer be an afterthought. Employee perks are a huge factor when deciding on a job and AnyPerk is continuing to provide an awesome platform that can provide perks to companies of all sizes.

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This post is part of our contributor series. The views expressed are the author's own and not necessarily shared by TNW.

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