How Android has changed our life and how it can benefit your business?

How Android has changed our life and how it can benefit your business?

Currently, there are mainly two operating platforms that have a significant hold on the market and are considered to be the most popular operating systems. It’s none other than Android and iOS. Both operating systems have their pros and cons. However, in reality, Android have way more users as compared to iOS.

There are some reasons because of which Android has gained such huge success that too in less time. If you belong to Generation Y than for sure, you must have faced the struggle for applications and games until Android arrived on the market.

Nowadays almost all the successful companies such as Sony, Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, Micromax, and Karbonn are using Android OS on their smartphones; even Nokia is ready to revive its magic by switching to Android.

Even Windows smartphone operating system version doesn’t stand anywhere near Android, and as far one can tell it isn’t even in the competition with Android. It can be proved with the help of an example. Blackberry was bound to use its operating system, and Nokia decided to choose Windows which ultimately resulted in the downfall of both companies.

Since the advent of Android, the way we use mobile has changed drastically. Now people not only use their Android smartphones for calling and texting which is still these devices original features but mobiles of this era are far more developed and can assist us in our daily life with various things it can be paying bills, booking cabs, or shopping.

Now we can complete any general chores right from the comfort of our house with the help of smartphones with Android operating system.

How can Android benefit your business?

Android operating software and applications have helped some companies and corporate sector all around the world. Since Android app development is cheaper, you won’t have to worry about the cost that you will have to incur for getting an android application developed solely for your business.

In addition to that Android applications are coded in Java, and as compared to other application development language Java is one of the easiest development languages.

Therefore you can create a great application with the help of right team and tools. Freedom of programming offered by Android will also work in your favour as you will have the option of getting a custom designed application. With the unique application and such a big platform, your business will surely flourish.

How has it changed our life?

Before Android, most of the people used Nokia phones that used to run on the Symbian operating system. It is true that Symbian had easy controls, but finding games and application for Symbian phones wasn’t easy. Android has provided us flexible controls and Google play store which contains millions of apps.

The best feature of Android smartphones is that it has numerous compatible apps which have given us an easier and smarter way to complete various chores that we encounter in daily life. Now one can do everything on Android phones. It is like a mini-laptop.

Android has increased competition between leading phone manufacturers which consequently has resulted in a considerable reduction of mobile phone price. Now one can become an owner of a smartphone at a convenient price. Possibly no one could have imagined that a few years back.

Android platform has also provided a source of income to people who belong to the tech world. One can even make a huge amount of money by designing apps for money. It won’t be wrong to say that in the forthcoming year Android will be much better.


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