How AI is changing the landscape of business marketing?

How AI is changing the landscape of business marketing?

AI is the hottest topic of discussion in the market today. From Google’s self driving cars to IBM’s talkative Watson, AI promises to change the way we do things in every facet of life.

But what will it do to marketing? How is the highly coveted Artificial Intelligence going to impact business marketing? If experts are to be believed it is going to change the face of how marketing is done today.

In the words of Doug Dome,” It’s exciting, isn’t it? The possibility of AI: the time it could save marketers, how it can bring companies closer to consumers and its potential to catch customers in stride, saving effort on the business and consumer side.”

Let us take a look at how AI is actually going to change the landscape of business marketing in the coming years –


  • Ad targeting is going to get more personalized


The whole concept of paid ads revolves around tempting the customer to buy something that they need. With AI becoming more advanced, we are going to see the rise of technology that will make ad targeting more personalized than ever.

In the current scenario, there is still a lot of guesswork involved in ad targeting. But the future of marketing will revolve around AI, which will take this guesswork completely out of the picture.


  • Communications will no longer be one way


One of the massive things that businesses can expect to get from AI is chatbots. The rise of chatbots is going to take communication between businesses and consumers to the next level.

Facebook has already given hint that they are going to develop a chatbot system, which will help businesses. They’ve already come up with chatbot engine, which can learn continuously by interacting with customers and can be used by businesses to automate their customer interactions.


  • Businesses can benefit from dynamic content


Personalized ads are one of the many forms of dynamic content that AI can help businesses with. To make business marketing more effective, AI can help you with creating dynamic content such as targeted web pages, showing the user relevant content on the web page based on their interest.

For instance, not everyone out there might be looking for a discount on your product or service. There would be people who will be ready to buy it at the original price. Dynamic content generation based on AI systems can help you achieve that. This way you can save yourself from losing the money because of poorly targeted discounts.


  • Predictive analysis


Predictive analytics is going to be the strongest arm of AI in the coming times. It is well known that making repeat sales is far easier for a business, than to convert new leads.

Using predictive analytics you will be able to figure out the chances for a person to unsubscribe from your product or service. Based on these early predictions, you can further prompt them with discounts, offers and what not and retain them. This is going to bring the customer churning rate down by quite a large extent.

Expect automation at every level

The biggest impact AI is going to have on marketing is that it is going to bring automation at every level. From curating content that has proven to be most effective to predicting user behavior, analysis and sending email response based on those behaviors, AI is going to bring all this and more!

And, the rapid rate at which technology is advancing, we are not far away from the time when AI is going to completely transform how marketing is being done today. So, are you ready for the change?

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