How AI Can Be Used To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

How AI Can Be Used To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing has become a strategic game where people compete for the top position in Google and for the best brand exposure. A good digital marketing strategy means a website receives a large number of daily visitors and converts a lot of those visitors into leads or customers. Thanks to digital marketing and the possibilities that are presented to any person who becomes interested in this strategy, it is now possible to run an entire business and make a sustainable income without owning or operating a physical office. Thousands of companies have launched internet-based businesses and grew it to multi-million dollar companies through digital marketing. Unfortunately, the world of digital marketing is changing all the time, and not staying in tune with the latest advancements means you are losing out and not reaping all the rewards there is to reap.

One aspect that a lot of marketers and businesses have recently started to implement into their digital marketing strategy is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has grown significantly over the past few years and, thanks to the growth rate of this technology, it is also becoming more affordable to utilize tools that is equipped with artificial intelligence in today’s modern world. We would like to take a deeper look at how artificial intelligence is used for digital marketing and how you too can utilize this technology to help your business grow, increase the trust between your brand and customers, and streamline your entire operations process at the same time.


Let’s start with the most popular implementation of artificial intelligence in digital marketing – chatbots. These bots have been out there for quite some time now, but the more recent developments in artificial technology have made chatbots smarter and more “human-like”. Crowdspring reports that more people are now using messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook’s Messenger application, than social media networks. By implementing a chatbot into such a messaging app, your brand can obtain significant benefits. There are many different ways in which a chatbot can be useful for a brand. The most common and most used method for utilizing a chatbot is to train the chatbot to help people find products, services and information related to your brand. Potential customers can then add your brand on their messaging apps and talk to the chatbot instead of a real person. The chatbot would then be able to communicate with the potential customer as if they were talking to a real person. This minimizes the costs you would’ve had to pay for an entire support team as the chatbot can also deal with multiple queries at the same time.

An excellent example of how brands are utilizing chatbots and artificial intelligence is Fandango’s chatbot that provides vital information about upcoming movies to customers who would like to watch a movie in one of their theaters. The potential customer can ask the chatbot for information such as when a specific movie will be playing or where their closest movie theater is, and the chatbot would respond with an appropriate answer. Digiday explains that eBay also did a great job of utilizing a chatbot. The company has implemented a branded bot into their Facebook Messenger account, which now helps customers find top products they can buy from eBay. These are only two examples, but there are countless more examples of how chatbots are used to improve customer experience. When a business implements such a strategy into their digital marketing campaign, it gives them more time to work on other important matters that can help the business grow, such as their social media marketing or influencer marketing techniques.

AI’s Role In SEO

Apart from the role that artificial intelligence now plays with customer service operations, we’ve also seen this technology being implemented in Google’s search engine. Crazy Egg explains that Google’s new RankBrain technology utilizes advance artificial intelligent technology to determine where a website should rank based on a large number of factors that are taken into consideration. The bot can quickly analyze all of the websites that have been indexed for a certain keyword, and then immediately determine exactly where each web page that has been indexed should rank. It will then place the top pages that can provide information about a particular search term on the front page of the search results to help the searcher gain access to the information they are seeking faster. Prior to implementing this technology into their search engine, Google had many people work on their ranking factors, which took a considerable amount of time and effort, as well as led to much more expensive when compared to using RankBrain to determine rankings without human input.

Other Ways That AI Can Be Used In Digital Marketing Campaigns

Chatbots and Google’s RankBrain are only two ways that businesses are utilizing artificial intelligence. There are countless more ways that this technology can be utilized to help a business reduce their expenses and increase their profit. Another important way that artificial intelligence is becoming useful can be seen in tools that make it easier to set up a social media outreach campaign. There are tools available that use artificial intelligence technology to determine the most appropriate influencers to reach out to. Performing the same procedure manually could take up a lot of valuable time.


From intelligent chatbots to tools that can tell you who your website should target, artificial intelligence is becoming more advanced than ever, and utilizing this technology to improve the success of your business is also becoming easier than ever. The combination of artificial intelligence and digital marketing has helped many businesses tackle all aspects of running a successful website and increase their exposure at an affordable cost, all while also decreasing the amount of effort that has to be exercised by the business owners.

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This post is part of our contributor series. The views expressed are the author's own and not necessarily shared by TNW.

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