How AI is becoming essential for Social Media

How AI is becoming essential for Social Media
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The members on various social media platforms are increasing. Furthermore, the time spent by its members in the social media is also increasing. According to the statistics, the Facebook is near to two billion members now. As the number of members grows, the volume of posts also grows. This growth does not look like slowing down in the future. There are more than 4 million likes in a minute in the Facebook alone. And there are 347,000 updates in the Twitter in a minute.

On the other hand, the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) is increasing tremendously every day. According to the analysis done by the Forrester, the investment in AI will increase by 300% in 2020. This shows the how great potential AI has. As the usage of social media is increasing, the role of AI is also increasing in the management of social media.

The workloads of social media have exceeded the breaking point

What can social media do now? Is hiring a bigger social team a solution? Well, it is not the solution to the problem. Many big brands are managing social media with three or lesser than three teams.

To manage the overwhelming tasks, automation is the only solution. There are companies who have tried to automate social media in the past, and the results were not always good. When the machines were used to deal with the human beings, they made a mess out of the conversation in many cases. Many people have had bad experiences with dumb chatbots.

This is the reason why the brands are turning to AI. With the help of AI, social media managers can utilize their limited time on important tasks and the rest will be managed by the AI. Many managers are already using an intelligent virtual assistant to assist them in their jobs.

We can pull out three important points when we compare AI with human beings.

  1. You need human beings to understand language: AI does not have the capacity to compose and understand natural language. It also cannot understand culture, sarcasm, nuance, or a humor. Only a human being can understand these things.
  2. Surprising results can be produced with the help of Big Data: AI can have an access to the information that is not possible for human beings to access. AI can be made able to know about the tools used for posting tweets, find harmful tweets, find out if the message is sent by the real person, and more.
  3. Expect high performance from AI: One cannot expect AI to do everything in a better way than human beings; however, one can expect AI to do things far more quickly than human beings. It can greatly help in minimizing the tasks to be carried out by the human beings.

AI is a synonym of spam filter for social media

According to the study conducted by Nexgate, there is an increase in social media spam by 355%. This shows how important it is to have AI integrated with the social media. An intelligent agent can help you to know whether the post is sent by bots or humans. Moreover, it can also help to prioritize the high-profile users, and you can respond them earlier than others.

Some of the social media influencers may have an irrational fear of AI taking away their jobs. Well, it won’t be able to respond on behalf of you. However, it can help you in finding some really good stuff. An AI can help to increase the quality of social media environment, but it will never be able to totally replace human beings.

We can somehow compare AI to spam filters for emails. What is the role of spam filters? With the help of spam filter technology, we can ignore junk emails. This will allow us to spend our valuable times on important emails. However, you cannot expect anti-spam technology to write emails for you. This is how AI works in the case of social media. AI can help in improving the quality of social media environment, but it will never replace the role of human beings.

As the time passes by, we can expect AI to play greater roles in the social media.


Overall, we can conclude that one cannot expect a quality social media environment without AI. It helps to find and prioritize social media interactions, and this tool is very crucial for marketers, community managers, and customer service teams. The use of social media has been already overwhelming, and we cannot expect this growth to get slower in the future. The statistics show that the number of internet users has grown from two billion to three billion in a matter of four years in the time period from 2010 to 2014. The number is still in an increasing trend. We can expect further increase in the usage of social media in the future.

Despite the fact that the extensive research on AI has started from the 1950s, we are still in the early phase of development of AI. We can expect must more in the future.

This post is part of our contributor series. It is written and published independently of TNW.

This post is part of our contributor series. The views expressed are the author's own and not necessarily shared by TNW.

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