9 Tech Trends Transforming The Future Of Jobs



If you want to be successful in your profession (despite what field you work in), just be aware of the latest technology trends. In the recent history, we have observed it often that with the arrival of the new technology, the old ones become useless.

However, you can help tech-proof your career by learning about the latest technologies and what would be happening next. I have mentioned several latest technology trends below that I believe will leave a significant influence on many industries and the related careers. But, here I am not talking about the people working in the Information Technology sector as they are the ones who create, grow and uphold them.

  1. Big Data

As a matter of fact, I know how those big data sets (a.k.a. Big data) create the influence so that it can crash many fields and careers in the future era. Marketing, Human Resources, Medical and Scientific Research, Product Development, Psychological Research, Finance, Customer Service and Production are all fields that will probably be affected by large data sets except IT.

  1. IoT

IoT a.k.a. Internet of things refers to the network connectivity to receive or send data. IoT will certainly affect a lot of businesses and impact several careers in the future. As this technology takes hold; it will probably be affecting the new generation device engineers, software engineers or app developers and the end user who uses these smart sensors to tell which can need emptying will be affected.

  1. Cyber Security

No one can overlook the rising importance of cyber safety and forensics. A lot of professions will pivot on the level of cautiousness and prioritize cyber security inside their organization, even if you are not working in a security company.

  1. Mobile

Mobile has become another alarming technology trends these days. A lot of professions are being formed during the software/hardware development and services associated with it. Although, we are beating mobile technology with computing very soon, which will include wearable devices, wall-mounted devices and more. It will alter the ways to innovate, market, sell, educate, collaborate and communicate.

  1. E Assistants

As systems such as Cortana and Siri are useful sometimes and laughably useful at times, we will see a definite increase in the e-assistant programs. No doubt, these programs are quite helpful and assist us all in various sectors. Soon, we’ll all (retailers to maintenance staff) have a Siri-like E-assistant to help with their job. Thus, we will not just use them in our professions, but at the same time, we also need more employees to construct, plan and uphold them.

  1. Social Media

Just be clear that whenever you use the word ‘social’, it’s not just Facebook anymore. Nowadays, more and more companies are incorporating social networking features into their front and back end systems. There are social networking platforms created by brands where fans and customers can interact, whereas organizations use refined back end apps, so their employees can talk to each other beyond email. Certainly, these networking platforms will be everywhere soon. We need to build and maintain them.

  1. Cloud Computing

You will soon be a part of the cloud technology if you haven’t already. Almost each and every business is now getting their confidential data, and apps hooked on the cloud. With the cloud computing at hand, you can easily and securely manage internal data. Google docs – a cloud-based office application is by now overhauling their single station counterparts inconvenience.

  1. Gamification

Another latest technology trend is Gamification, which is affecting our lives in some or the other way. It is not because it’s a new hot thing, but it’s verified that it will work psychologically. A lot of companies including Microsoft are in a half way of using gamification. It helps to stimulate their sales crew, whereas other organizations are using it in the personal development and education sector. The prospects in this field are growing continuously.

  1. Video Communications

Let’s get ready! The video phone is finally here. Now you can say you are breathing in the future.  Since video technologies get better day by day, video communications and conferencing will keep on growing as a field. Have you bumped into it? If not, then you will most likely find that video chats will replace conference calls soon, no matter you’re talking to a person living right next to you or anywhere all over the globe.

So, it’s essential to stay abreast of the latest trends and somehow alarming developments in the IT sector. You can avoid these career concerns in an ever-changing landscape by just accepting what they are and how they might impact your work somehow.

This post is part of our contributor series. It is written and published independently of TNW.

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