9 New Tools to Boost Your Productivity

9 New Tools to Boost Your Productivity

Almost all of us are snowed under with tasks every day and waste too much time on organizing them. Luckily for you, the Internet (and The Next Web) is a great source of tools that will help you manage your schedule easily. Check out this list of nine new tools that will boost your productivity on a daily basis:  

1. Hiri – A desktop email app that improves your workday

Every day, your inbox gets stuffed with tons of emails. It really takes time to read and answer all of them, especially with a busy schedule. What if you had a tool that would help you separate what you need to do from what you just need to know about? Just imagine how much time you could save! Well, good news: there is a tool for that – Hiri.

The founders of Hiri say that it is “an email client that helps you master the art of email,” and when you try it out, you will surely agree with them! More than that, if you are an Outlook user, just install Hiri and it will automatically be synced with it.

With Hiri, you will not only divide your emails into different sections, but you will be able to actually deal with them easily: reply, delegate, archive, delete, add them to your to-do list or set a reminder. Helpful, right?

Moreover, Hiri has a dashboard that reminds you not to check your email too often. Since statistics show that people check their inbox around 96 times a day, this dashboard will help you save your precious time.

Since Hiri boasts a few more useful features and is FREE (the premium packages are very cheap, ranging from $2 to $5), it’s definitely worth giving this tool a try!

2. Taskworld – Visual task management with chat and performance analytics

Organizing, organizing, organizing…yup, if you master it, you will shine! …And if you don’t organize your tasks properly, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get lost in them, forget important things and work overtime.

Tools for task organization are not a big surprise, but Taskworld certainly is!

Visual task management, team messaging and project planning are packed into one tool.

Not only will you be able to manage your schedule, but you will also get your results immediately since Taskworld has a performance chart included.


Ah, one more thing: the tool comes in 9 different languages (with localized support!) and yes, it has a FREE trial. So, what are you waiting for?

3. Truman Grade – Detect harmful websites instantly

Even though Internet browsing is very helpful for many business issues, it can be quite dangerous with all those viruses around. Sometimes not even the best antivirus program can save you from a harmful website.

That’s why you should try out Truman Grade – a tool that scans websites in real time and finds out right away which ones might harm you.

Instant alerts will notify you of insecure form fields so that you can outsmart fraud and stay safe while exploring the Internet.

Get started for FREE!

4. Tiny Reminder – Collect content & files from busy clients

What if you had a tool that would do the nagging for you? Really, imagine there is a “bad cop” who would ask for content, feedback or files from unresponsive clients! There’s actually one – Tiny Reminder.

The developers of Tiny Reminder point out that it will poke people on your behalf so that you can get all those files and Docs from them on time!

How? Build your form, set reminder schedule, add recipients and wait for the magic! Of course, Tiny Reminder can’t make sure that others will finish their tasks on time, but it will certainly help you remind them.

Check out Tiny Reminder’s FREE trial and be a ‘’good cop”…at least at work.

5. Cleanbox – Unsubscribe from newsletters in one click

Ah, all those unnecessary newsletters…Why not unsubscribe from all of them? Yes, just download Cleanbox and let it work its magic.

It will unsubscribe you from all the newsletters in your inbox in just one click. And, unlike similar tools, there is no cloud involved!

Since Cleanbox is a FREE tool, you should start enjoying your clean inbox today.

6. Integromat – Connect your favorite apps and automate your workflow

Integromat is a tool that will automate processes you currently handle manually, without your intervention. And it gets even better – it will not only connect all of your apps, but it will also transfer and transform data!

Slack, Trello, Facebook, RSS, Google Drive, Asana, Buffer, Blogger…they are all there! The list of apps that are supported by Integromat is very long, so you will surely utilize the tool effectively!

Sign up for a FREE trial and let Integromat work 24/7 just for you!

7. SelfControl – Block distractions to eliminate wasteful browsing habits

If you manage self-control well, you will get a productivity boost! Well, it might sound easy, but with so many interesting things going on on the Internet, it is often very hard not to click here and there. That’s where SelfControl comes in handy!

This tool allows you to temporarily block distracting websites and focus on your work. Of course, you can always unblock them, but SelfControl will nag you a bit and make you think twice!


This tool is not only easy to use, but it also has a predefined list of potentially distracting websites.

Use SelfControl at work and be more productive, use it at home and have more free time!

8. Elo Bot – Assistant for Small Businesses

Too busy to answer your phone while doing your job? Then Elo Bot is just the thing for you!


This tool will respond within seconds when clients write on your Facebook page, suggest services that you offer, suggest availabilities according to your calendar and send reminders to your clients as well! Yes, Elo Bot is one smart bot, right? And he is very cute…

If you sign up for a FREE trial, you will see how Elo Bot will save you time and help you focus on your work. The clients will love him too!

Hope the listed tools will help you focus on your work and boost your productivity! If you know any other new tool that might be worth mentioning, just list it in the comments below.

9. Dibz – Linkbuilding (almost) Automated

Whether you are a digital marketer, blogger or a website owner, you are surely aware of the importance of linkbuilding. More over, you should also be aware that getting backlinks isn’t all fun and games.  Oh, but with the right tool it can be!

Try out Dibz, a new tool that will save your time on quality link prospecting campaigns. It is designed to save your time and to do (almost) automated linkbuilding.

Dibz developers focus on “Keep the Best, Dump the Rest”, so their algorithm is SPAM free. This extremely helpful tool is suitable for both independent SEO marketers, freelancers but big marketing agencies as well.  You don’t need to worry if you are not working in a non-English speaking environment, Dibz is multilingual.

Chose your Dibz pricing plan and push your link prospecting game to the next level!


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