9 IoT devices all tech lovers should keep an eye on

9 IoT devices all tech lovers should keep an eye on

While fitbits and smartwatches have become popular, they aren’t the only IoT devices available. As the internet of things grows, more and more gadgets will hit the market.

To find out what’s coming — and what’s likely to cause a stir — I asked a panel of entrepreneurs from YEC the following question:

What IoT device do you think will have the greatest impact on the market or consumers in the coming year, and why?

Their best answers are below:

1. Smart Eyewear 

We are all living through our phones. At concerts, people experience it through their phone as they capture the moment. Artists and celebrities feel like zoo animals when people only want to get pictures. Both sides have a poor experience. By allowing us to use glasses (i.e. spectacles) or a contact lens to record, it will create a better experience for both sides while allowing us to document. It’s a win-win. – Ryan ShankPhoneWagon

2. Home Security 

As an investor and advisor in the IoT industry, I really feel as though home security IoT devices that you can control from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are will be likely to catch on as people look for new ways to keep an eye on their homes and property. This includes smart door locks, security systems, and sensors that detect fire, smoke, or other potential dangers. – John RamptonDue

3. Wearable Technology 

I see wearable technology becoming more and more popular as people gravitate towards different ways to manage their lives. From a business perspective, wearable technology helps companies connect with their customers in innovative ways. The healthcare industry is ripe for wearable technology that helps providers manage and communicate with their patients. – Nicole MunozStart Ranking Now

4. Programmable Dash Buttons 

This straightforward device is the ultimate smart tool in simplifying on-demand commands. From automating a Postmates order to starting your car, this single push button device can be programmed to control internet devices and services. Using code in the cloud, it is designed to help developers learn how to get started with IoT technology. It is truly a lifehacker’s dream. – Dustin CavanaughRenewAge

5. Smart Home Devices 

Any device that can work to control your lights, speakers, and respond to commands is going to be popular. While people are interested in expensive IoT devices, not everyone can afford them. Most people can afford smart home devices such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home, and this affordability combined with practicality will make these devices the most popular IoT devices in 2017. – Joey KercherAir Fresh Marketing

6. Anything With Poor Security 

The IoT is hugely exciting, but manufacturers and consumers must start taking device security seriously. We’re filling our homes and businesses with insecurely connected devices, including cameras. The effects are already being felt with huge IoT-powered DDoS attacks, and it’s only going to get worse unless manufacturers act responsibly and build secure devices and networks. – Vik PatelFuture Hosting

7. Fitness Wear 

From running shoes to apparel, you will start to see more and more companies put out products that have built-in sensors and tracking hardware. As people exercise, information will be sent to their phones to analyze performance and provide ways to improve. – Humberto FariasConcepta

8. Face Recognition 

Imagine never having to show your identification (ID) anymore. Just smile at the camera. Everything related to retail and security, from boarding a plane to making a purchase or withdrawing cash at the ATM, could be handled by face recognition instead of flashing a card or a license to show who you are. – Brandon Stapper858 Graphics

9. Telematics 

I think telematics that connect vehicles to companies will have an impactful, as more companies like fleets and insurance carriers want this data and want to see how vehicles and drivers perform to offer more personalized coverage or recommendations. It can also help by providing ways to cut costs and minimize risk. – Cynthia JohnsonIpseity Media

10. Home Appliances 

More people are showing interest in refrigerators that report when food is low or that offer recipes and other assistance. Even being able to have the food reordered for you from the appliance is something that will definitely grow in popularity as people continue to seek ways to save time and add convenience to their lives. – Angela RuthDue

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