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As more people travel globally, whether due to business or by choice, and as technology continues to provide us more travel tech accessories and gadgets, we develop a unique love affair with our devices, relying on them to keep us informed. Being on the move constantly, staying connected has become a part of our lives.

Putting together a “travel toolbox” is not only smart, but practical. Here we have selected some of the “tools” you should never travel without, especially if you are a Road Warrior or Jetsetter. By choosing your accessories and gadgets wisely, you can guarantee yourself a safe, enjoyable trip.

1. Protect your identity

Consider the rising numbers of identity thefts, illegal wallet scans of credit cards, passports, and stolen IDs, this first item is truly a must-have. The RFID-blocking material in the Royce Freedom Passport Wallet comes equipped with state-of-the-art technology that prevents hackers from accessing your personal information and Bluetooth technology to sync with your phone to alert you if it has misplaced, lost or stolen.

2. Save time when taking pictures

Never fumble around again or miss the perfect shot with this next item, the Mobi EyeFi SD card has built in Wi-Fi that pairs your camera to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Now you can use your apps to send pictures from your camera to your favorite Android, iOS, or Kindle in real time. That means more time on the beach!

Whether you are traveling for pleasure, or your job requires a lot of photography, you will find this SD card extremely valuable. Now you don’t have to miss the “award winning” shot! With the easy-to-use editing tools, you can crop or rotate your JPEG photos on the spot to create the perfect photos to share with family and friends.

According to PC Magazine,The Mobi EyeFi SD card is one of the simplest ways to transfer photos from your camera to your phone…” Check out the Eyefi Mobi mobile apps.

3. Waterproof your iPhone

iPhones or iPads don’t have built-in water protection, as do Android devices. If you’re planning to spend time near water with your iPhone, this waterproof case can save you a lot of headaches.

Even in the wettest environments, with Overboard’s waterproof case, you will have full functionality. 

4. Keep your phone charged

It’s happened before – you’re geared up to get that perfect shot or on an important conversation and the phone dies! You are miles from your hotel or any outlets – Ultra Slim Power Bank will save the day! The smart technology automatically detects the type of input device you have and delivers the charge at the fastest speed. Although compact in size, it can charge your iPhone twice with one charge. Great to have if your travels take you on trails and remote locations!

5. Keeping up with your luggage

Has your luggage ever gone one direction and you another? That can be a real spoiler to your vacation. Although it will eventually find its way to you, it can take days or weeks! Devices such as the Trakdot are some of the most expensive tech accessories and gadgets to have, but all it takes is one time for this to happen and you will agree such a tracking device is well-worth its price.

While these devices can’t get your luggage to you any quicker, they can let you know where it is. They use the latest and most sophisticated tracking technology to track your bags, even if they are sitting inside a metal container.

6. Travel multi-adapter

Your travel plans call for leaving the country. If this has happened to you before, you know how frustrating it can to have the wrong adapter. With the Skross Pro Light USB World Travel Adapter you can travel to over 100 countries. This is one of the most innovative travel accessories and gadgets – definitely a must-have. Additionally, it meets the Schuko and Euro plug standards.

7. All-in-one tools

Having an all-in-one tool handy, like the Swiss Army knife could be your best friend when travelling. Although you cannot carry it on a plane, having one of these when you reach your destination, especially if you are backpacking through Europe or hiking through a rain forest is a must. As the original “MacGyver” knife, it has 33 functions, from opening beer bottles to cutting kindling.

If you are looking for something simpler, with less hassle, the Wallet Ninja  may be a better choice. This travel accessory and gadget is 18 tools in one, the size of a credit card and TSA-approved for carry on. Due to its size and compactness, you will never be without it.

8. Travel pillows

If you are a true jetsetter, and enjoy sleeping on planes, you can vouch for the stiff necks those u-shaped pillows cause. The Trtl Pillow  is ergonomically designed and probably one of the most comfortable travel pillows on the market. 

Time to go!

Once you’ve decided on the “travel tools”, it’s time to book your trip. In order to get best bang for your buck, you should search out for best deals on travel comparison sites like Tripseats, where regardless of your destination, you can book your flights, hotels, car and even check out currency exchange rates.

Last but not least, where ever you decide to go, go with all your heart and passion into it. Bon voyage!

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