7 Tips To Make Your YouTube Video a Hit

7 Tips To Make Your YouTube Video a Hit
Credit: Brandwatch

Credit: Brandwatch
iPad is on the Apple Macbook Pro. Youtube logo on iPad screen. Youtube is the largest video sharing website in the world.

YouTube is becoming more professional. With 900 million unique visitors per month and more than half of the views coming from mobile devices, expect something else from the platform than just videos of cats turned on a Smartphone. With more individuals spending a vast number of their time online, the influence of YouTube triumphs over  TV channels.

Here are 7 effective tips for making good Youtube videos.

Tip 1 – If you want to hit, aim.

Even before making a video, it’s important to think about your SEO angle.

When people are on YouTube or Google, they ask questions to the search engine.

“How do I fitter my blue dress?”, “Is it normal that it stings”, “Which camera should I buy?”

Your role is to evaluate the relevant questions that people pose in your niche, and answer them in the best way possible. You can use KeyWordTool to give you ideas. One still simply use the self-suggestion from YouTube.

Then you have to go see the results of your query and evaluate if there are enough people who are looking for this kind of content.

If you mark “How to Make Money “, there are going to be several videos of 100,000 views and more that exactly answer that question. Well, that’s an indicator that there’s a good volume of research.

The bigger the pie, the easier it is to carve a piece.

In short, aim for the most popular search queries in your niche! You will be surprised to see how easy it is to arrive in the first results.


Tip 2 – The name of your file

The second step when you upload a video is to change the name of the file you upload.

If your file looks like mov_003.mp4, you miss out on a great opportunity to tell YouTube what your video is going to talk about!

The name of your file should be exactly the query you’ve targeted on YouTube!

For example, the file in this video was titled How to Get More Views on YouTube.mp4.


Tip #3 – The title of your video is super important!

For obvious reasons, the title of your video is super important. This is probably one of the elements that has the most weight in calculating the relevance of your video.

That’s why it’s important to have an excellent track record.

Yes, it should repeat the words used in the query you targeted, but it does not end there.

In search results, YouTube calculates the click rate your video receives! So you have to have a title that strongly encourages people to click.

There are thousands of ways to make a good headline, but here is an easy way that works well.

Use a number, then an adjective, ending with the targeted search query. You can of course mix the order according to the context.

I will give you a few examples …

3 recipes of pork fillet that will impress your friends this summer.

A ridiculously effective way to have more followers on Instagram.

2 fun exercises for a 6-pacs in less than 30 days.

By using a formula like this, you will not only be relevant to your query, but you’ll also have a good click rate!


Tip #4 – Don’t forget the description

YouTube analyzes the content of your description to evaluate what your video is talking about! The vast majority of videos on YouTube have no description and you can turn it to your advantage!

Make a short text of about 500 words that summarizes what you are talking about in your video and use it to include several keywords. As if you were writing a blog post, you could include links to your sources. This tells the site that 1) you have some credibility since you cite known sources and 2) it interprets the content of the page that you link to interpret the subject of your content.

Of course, at the end of this description, make sure to add links to your profiles on social media.

Also, keep in mind that people will see the first two lines of your description in the search results! So, ALWAYS start with something appealing.


Tip #5 – The image

To recap, it was said that the click through rate of your video in search results will have a significant impact on the overall performance of your video.

When one is in the search results, one sees several things …

We see the image, title, author, number of times the video has been published, number of views, an excerpt of the description and an HD logo if your video is at least 720p.

We have already seen how to optimize the title and description. The last item under your control having a significant impact is the image of your video.

By default, YouTube will take a random image in your video and display it as a thumbnail, but if you want, YouTube gives you the opportunity to upload your own image.

ALWAYS use a custom image for your videos. In this image, try to use something unusual and out of the ordinary.

If you put a picture of you, take a wacky photo.

Then you can add text, arrows or symbols in the thumbnail to stick people’s curiosity.

The challenge is to highlight your vignette of the lot!


Tip #6 – The tags

YouTube allows you to put labels, commonly called tags, to your videos.

You do not need to be shy! It’s still a way to tell YouTube what your video is about! Put between 7 and 14 per video.

Google will offer you several tags and it is sometimes difficult to find some that make sense. Do not limit yourself to those he offers and feel free to add as many as you want!


Tip #7 – Video sound

Everyone does not have a home studio, but if there is an aspect of a video that can’t be neglected, it’s sound. Videos with bad sound are more zapped than those that have poor image quality. Make your video sound audible enough and also add a little twist by using royalty music, there are lots of free royalty music on the internet.

The rule of first 15 seconds

It does not take long for Internet users to decide whether they continue to watch the video or if they should just zap. The first seconds are crucial, so do not miss. For example, an error to avoid is to start with something generic. YouTube analyzes how long a person spends on your video. If you have a video that lasts 8 minutes and most people watch 6, you will have an excellent commitment score and YouTube will not hesitate before you show up in the search results. But beware, convincing your viewers in the first 15 seconds does not mean you have to do too much either.

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