7 Image Search Tools That Can Help You Finding Free Images

image search tools

From the first experiment after the camera obscure to Kodak and from an invention of Brownie to Sony and Nikon and now, all you need is a single tap on your smartphones, to click a perfect high-quality picture.

As the technology had become an indelible part of our daily lives so is our ineffable love for digitization and easy uploads and shares on various social media platforms. And as the population had boomed, tripled is the boom on internet data.

Clicking and uploading pictures had become the routine task for youngsters, on Facebook, Pinterest and on the top list goes Instagram. A hub for photographers and now, business and creativity lovers as well.

This exposure, along with so many useful images had also given the platform to many unnecessary or wrongly captioned images.

That’s where the need of image finding search engines had started to emerge. Doesn’t matter if you have to find image of any celebrity couples at their 25th marriage anniversary or photos of any social campaign of non-profit organizations like science education initiative helping people and doing a great cause.

I had tried to list 7 top photo search tools, which are establishing their grounds perfectly in providing you with best possible results, amongst these overly trending ‘hashtag images’, easily.

Some Instagram specific search engines include:

Mulpix is an advanced “Instagram search engine”, with the attractive graphical design. It’s an easy to use the online tool, which provides you with multiple hashtags patterns searching feature and various other filters, like searching best images on basis of not only its popularity but specific country or simply type of media etc.

Mulpix is an ultimate destination for saving your time to search the best images from Instagram for your tasks, as it is a user-friendly search engine, with all the new experiments and updates still being done.

Websta.me, is no doubt amongst the best developed “Instagram Analytics” search engine, which helps you to understand Instagram community well. It helps the users to analyze their posts, explore various other tags, follow your posts chronologically, interact with followers etc. It has everything characterized and provides you with best results possible.

Gramfeed is yet another impressive Instagram search engine, which provides you with very easy to use tools, to search your desired image from Instagram, with filters or features, like, searching through not only hashtags but, date/time, keywords, location and places. You can visualize photos on a map. You can also handle multiple Instagram accounts through it and also all the basic things can be done, which ultimately Instagram allows us to do.

Other than these Instagram specific search engines, few other interesting search engines are:

It is Russia’s topmost search engine, which let you search through image URL or by directly uploading any image from your gallery. It provides reverse image search option and various other filters. The best part also is, it doesn’t ask you to even sign up and is completely free and easy to use.

TinEye is reverse image search engine, which allows us to search for images. It is recognized as the first image search engine on the web to use image identification technology rather than any keywords or watermarks or hashtags. It continues to add new features and amongst the few most love photo search engines.

PicFindr search images among the dozens of websites. It provides the user with the multiple filtering options, from image size, color, and mode to its ratio and file format. Not only this, it also gives options for sharing and to find similar images.

As we see, the growing trend of reverse image search in almost all search popular search engines, I think it’s important to mention about Pinterest reverse image search tool is considered by far the most advanced, which let you not only just upload and search for similar image, but you can zoom a specific part of the image, you want to search. It’s a very handy and easy to use the tool, especially for those who are regular users of Pinterest. It’s fun as well.

Though, it’s indeed a tough business again to choose the best image finding tools amongst these image search engines. But, I am 100% certain that these tools will help you out in finding right images and will save tons of time for you.

This post is part of our contributor series. It is written and published independently of TNW.

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