Devops is Confusing: 7 DevOps Misconceptions Busted

DevOps misunderstood
DevOps, for most of the tech audience, is still a confusing term. It is evolving and is going to evolve even more in the days to come. I will leave the definition to yourself, but I can tell you what DevOps is not and some misconceptions around it.


Why you should care about ‘DevOps Misconceptions’?

Is ‘DevOps’ really making an impact on the software powered firms? Have you seen the number of searches on the internet for this term by the CTO’s and geeks around the world?
DevOps interest over time
You have to care because one or the other day you are going to say, ‘Let’s Do This.’ I am sure you will say it.
Let's do DevOps

Major misconceptions about DevOps listed below,


It is a trend:

No, you have mistaken. DevOps has come a long way, and it’s not a trend anymore. In fact, many experts are describing it becoming the mainstream in the software development process.


It all about Automation:

DevOps is not about automating everything. It is making sure that mundane and repetitive tasks are eliminated and automated so that the cost will reduce drastically.


It is a toolset:

This is not any set of tools, or you don’t have to image every developer tool whenever you see this word ‘DevOps.’ It is a cultural shift that involves processes and workflows, But to do it, you need some set of tools at each stage.


It is only about getting your product to market fast:

Of course, DevOps speeds up the processes and makes sure your product delivers to the market quickly, but it is not only speed, but it is also stability and quality. It is making sure your product performs the way it is meant to till it reaches the end customer/client.


It is for everyone:

DevOps is not for everyone. Well, why? It depends on many facts,
> Type of the company
> Culture followed before and carried by the top management
> Willingness to change


It is a team:

DevOps is not any team; it is a term we use to define a cultural shift and applies to the entire organization and every individual, hence we say it is a cultural change.


It is just about Dev and Ops:

This is not only about Dev and Ops in the organization. It carries a holistic approach of refining the processes across the organization. DevOps is making sure every developer in the team has the same guidelines. For example, it can be the set of tools to use across the entire organization.
These are some of the biggest misconceptions people have and let me know if I have missed any.
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