6 Tools to Keep Your Marketing Team Connected and Productive

productivity tools for marketing team


The key to creating a collaborative workspace, where everyone is productive, is leveraging technology to its fullest. We are surrounded with advanced tools that can take team productivity through the roof, and make collaboration successful at every level of marketing. But the challenge is to identify the ones that fit the best for your team’s requirement.

To help you meet this challenge, I’ve curated a list of apps that will make your team members more productive, and stay connected with each other at work.


1) HipChat

Hip chat


Since the days of pictographs and cave paintings to the present time’s online chat applications, we humans have always looked for ways to make communication clearer and easier. Without clear communication things could easily go south and teams could lose track of what they are supposed to do.

HipChat is the one communication app that works as the glue to keep everything together for your team. Quick and effortless screensharing, easy drag and drop for sharing files, private and public groups and outstanding layout and design make HipChat a tool that every team needs for getting rid of the insanity that emails and conference calls bring.


2) ProofHub



Another major challenge that marketing teams have to face while working is to keep everything organized and in sync. Teams waste tens of hours every week on insane meetings, sorting out complex work requirements, and keeping things together. The challenge becomes even tougher when teams are scattered at different locations and working remotely.

This is where ProofHub helps. It works as the central place where teams can plan and organize their work, discuss and collaborate with teams and clients, track their project progress and keep everything under control. ProofHub simplifies task management and team handling and thereby eliminates the need of relying on emails to manage and collaborate, making it a really must have tool for not just marketing but every team.


3) Buffer



Social media has become a drug for businesses to get more customers. This is why marketing teams are all over the social media, creating strategies to make the most out of it for businesses. And that’s exactly what Buffer helps your marketing team in doing.

Buffer makes it super easy for teams to schedule and share posts across various social media platforms. You can schedule them as per your desire i.e.daily/weekly, post them on multiple channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more, and save a lot of time. A pleasant surprise that comes with this app is its Analytics tool that can help you figure out whether the time chosen to post the content is working out for your business or not.


4) Pocket



As they say ‘you can trust the weakest pen more than the strongest memory’, Pocket works just like that pen with which you can write something down and get on to it later.

When working on your marketing campaigns, it’s quite usual to stumble upon something irrelevant to your job distracting you from what you were doing in the first pace, but can work as a great idea for future. So, how can you not lose focus on your work and also this great idea? Well, this is where Pocket comes into the picture. You can use the app extension to save something interesting you found on the web, save it, use tags to categorize it and check it out later, when you have time.


5) Quip



A marketing team cannot live without notes. Meeting, strategies, changing plans, they need to document everything and keep it organized. And Quip is a note taking app that goes beyond simple open, jot and forget approach when it comes to traditional note taking apps.

You can create documents and collaborate over them. You can also create spreadsheets whenever you need to crunch some numbers. Or save your documents as PDFs and search them in no time. You can even publish the created notes directly on the web. With detailed formatting options and a clean interface, Quip makes note taking simple, effective and fun.


6) F.lux



Human eyes are not meant to handle large contrasts in brightness. When we are constantly staring at computer screens for long working hours, getting headache and eye strain is quite common. And F.lux is the perfect remedy for this problem.

It works great as a tool that is meant to make your computer’s color adapt to the environment and time of the day in where it is placed. F.lux makes your eyes and head feel good. Not only does it make your eyes feel better, it makes you sleep better as well. F.lux is a blessing in disguise for remote team members, who usually work late at night due to their own comfort and any other reason.

For teams facing productivity issues, these tools can work as a blessing in disguise. Go ahead, give them a try and see how they transform the way you work for good.

This post is part of our contributor series. It is written and published independently of TNW.

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