6 Subtle Clues That Hint You Should Become an Entrepreneur


Most people toy with the idea of becoming entrepreneurs at least once in their life. As a matter of fact, I believe everyone should try to start a business, especially in their twenties. But before you get all motivated and quit your job, you should know if you are cut out for entrepreneurship or not.

Frankly speaking, entrepreneurship is not as rosy as it seems. So don’t just run into it because your cousin did so, and he seems to be doing well.

However just in case you have been wondering if you should take that plunge, then the clues below will help you make that decision. Let’s walk…

1. You crave fulfilment

I know what it means to work at a job that doesn’t give you fulfilment one bit. I mean you wake up in the morning happy, only to get sad at the thought of going to work.

Fulfilment is the desire of every human. And if your job doesn’t offer you that, it’s time to commit your time to becoming your own boss. It is time to make working for yourself, your job.

If working at that your idea smells fulfilment to you, become an entrepreneur.

2. Your life Goals

That you are reading this post is an indication that you have goals for your life; goals that you are committed to achieving. But a goal you don’t pursue will never get actualized. Every employer pays you to service their own goals. How long are you going to sacrifice your life goals for a paycheck?

If your job is not helping you achieve your life goals and you’re no longer comfortable with that, it is time to consider moving from employee to entrepreneurship. Nothing should matter more than achieving your life goals. That should form the very essence of your daily activities. So look at your job again, is it servicing your life goals?

3. Increased frustration

It is true that every job has its own downsides. I actually believe that even the greatest career persons and entrepreneurs in the world, have days when they don’t feel like it. It is normal and absolutely understandable. There would be days when your workload suddenly looks more frustrating.

But if your frustration at work is growing by the day and you don’t feel one bit excited about going to work, it’s time for you start off your entrepreneurial journey. Let your frustration inspire you to action. The only way out of a frustrating experience is a better experience. And in this case, entrepreneurship should offer you that experience.

4. Recurrent ideas

Entrepreneurship is a serious business. Don’t quit your regular job because of one idea that just flashed your mind. Ask every successful entrepreneur, it really has to be an idea that keeps coming to you. In my own case, the thoughts kept me awake at night, and gave me daydreams during the day.

So don’t be deaf. Take note of those ideas that keeps coming to you. The more recurrent, the clearer it becomes. These recurrent ideas come with an unusual surge of energy. If that is you, then entrepreneurship is for you. An idea is the first milestone in building a successful business.

5. Your passion

Passion fuels inspiration. If your inspiration is fueled by a passion for something outside your regular 9-5 job, then please follow your passion. When frustrating days come, it is only a sincere passion that can keep you going. Find something you are passionate about and do it passionately.

According to JD Weisbrot, the President of JW Surety Bonds, “Passion, not money should guide your decision to quit your job and become an entrepreneur. If you are genuinely passionate about providing a solution, then you are surely going to do well as an entrepreneur. The hallmark of entrepreneurs is their passion for providing solutions other than just the prospect of a better paycheck.”

6. You are Adventurous

I was recently introduced to Emmett Brady and his sister, the founder of AmsterdamEscape, and was fascinated by the adventurous and courageous story of how they became die-hard entrepreneurs. According to them, they were ‘bored’, so they decided to get out of law practice and get into the vacation rental business.

They went as far as selling their law company, moved to Amsterdam, bought a few properties, and started off their vacation rental travel site business.

Their reason was a simple one, as Emmett explains, “I ran a law firm in Ireland from 1985 to 2000 along with my sister but we were bored and wanted a change. The business grew fast and within 2 years we were operating 17 apartments in 4 buildings. We had guests who would book one night and move to other apartments just to try them out, because each one was so special”.

They brought their adventurous attitude to bear on their entrepreneurial pursuit, and what a success story they are today. If you are like them, what are you waiting for? Take that leap of faith and get to work on your passion. Or would you rather die in boredom?

Cheers to all Entrepreneurs!

Image Source: Pexels

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