6 Reasons Startups Need “Explainer Videos” Today

6 Reasons Startups Need “Explainer Videos” Today

The use of live videos to explainer your service/ business is called webinar. It is an awesome way to advertise your businesses and rake in some good profits. But why actually do startups really need these explainer videos? Read along to find out the top most reasons your business should be using the best webinar platforms today.

It Increases the Conversion Rates

The use of live videos provides quick, memorable, and clear understanding of what you are selling. This makes your customers or any other person who is interested in your products to make informed choices. It therefore makes it rather easy for them to scan your products or services and in turn buy. This lowers the bounce rates and boosts conversion rates.

It Boosts the SERPs Rankings

Search engines will rank you according to the credibility of your content, optimization of your website, and such like indexes. The use of live videos boosts your website optimization and easily draws search engine crawlers. This makes ranking your website nearly fast and easy. You will therefore enjoy awesome visibility and very suitable rankings that will in turn boost your sales.

It Provides More Organic Traffic

Websites that use live streams basically have some of the fastest load times. This makes them quite attractive to many potential customers especially if they support Smartphone viewing. And because many potential buyers love easy to understand adverts, an educative, informative, and attractive option such as the use of animations and videos will top their list and draw many customers to their website. This is also good for ranking.

Generate More Interest on Products

Experts from webinarjam say that with the rise in competition, many businesses have sought the best options to trigger needful interest on their products. The most efficient options that have been found are the use of videos, animations, and white-board sketches. It is anticipated that these options are easy to comprehend and create lasting memories in the minds of potential buyers. In fact latest researches suggest a growing trend of user attraction to adverts with live characters.

Gives You a Great Business Pitch

Coming up with a booklet however small to pitch a business proposal? Very boring! Right: How about the use of power points, slide shows, pie charts, and pamphlets? Another boring adventure; just not quite like a booklet. However, one thing is quite clear. The use of videos will “liven” any pitch. Investors or even donors will easily relate the idea to themselves and also in reality. It is therefore very true to say that videos can be a great option in case you are looking at pulling more funds for your business.

Easy To Upload, Share and Re-share

By just a click of a mouse or phone buttons you can easily upload your videos. You can tag your potential customers and also use share handles to send your videos viral. This makes it easy for your adverts to cover thousands of miles in just a few minutes.


The use of ideal websites such as webinarjam can really transform your business for the best. Make sure to work with expert advice to make the results easy and life changing for your customers too.

No marketing strategy is ever easy. In fact you will require hard work to achieve most of the successful results. However never ignore the need for expert help as this will be very vital in creating a comprehensive scope.

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