These industries will never be the same once 5G launches

These industries will never be the same once 5G launches

5G, two simple characters that carry a lot of meaning for the tech world. 5G has the potential to help companies to fully live up to an advanced future like we envisioned in movies. With speeds of “10 gigabits per second,” it’s easy to have high expectations.


Relaying information at those speeds opens many avenues that can change how we drive, how we consume media, and how we live. Here are a few industries that are expected to be largely impacted by 5G.



Smart cars would be a lot more feasible because higher connection speeds mean a lot of critical information can be transferred much faster. High-performance networks will make the implementation of self-driving cars smoother. This is because, in addition to the connection needed to run the system, other forms of data like traffic status and GPS means the car will be able to adjust to a faster route as needed.



There is nothing more essential for people than their health. 5G would make healthcare easier to access and improve quality of life. The speed of a 5G connection makes a lot of medical advances possible by providing options for patients to communicate with their doctor anywhere. This means a doctor in Germany can make a house call remotely for their patient without worrying about lag.


With latency no longer being an issue, doctors can also perform remote surgeries with remote controlled robotics to improve precision and success rates. Professionals and students in the industry can also benefit from immersive learning experiences through virtual reality to help train students with on-the-job scenarios.


Financial Services

When it comes to finance, especially in the age of digital, non-tangible currencies and cryptocurrencies, security is an absolute top priority for customers. Stronger security and greater connection speeds will boost efficiency, making tasks such as real-time mobile trading and remote sessions with financial advisors possible.


Quicker connection speeds means that if there is fraudulent activity going on, customers would be notified immediately. The implementation of 5G would also help banks discover security threats before customers do by being able to run powerful programs meant for these purposes.


Media and Gaming

The entertainment industry faces a lot of disruption with each advancement in technology. However, these disruptions can be utilized by media and game companies to create delightful experiences for their customers.


The 10-gigabit connection speed will make long buffering periods a thing of the past with even 4K quality videos being viewed instantly. Virtual reality also has more options and use cases for entertainment to create more interactive live events like concerts and sports games, which will become easier to implement with 5G. Gaming will also be overhauled by this technology to let users download and stream games instantly.



5G will be a large turning point in technology. Many advances in tech are currently held back by slow connection speeds and the power required to run these advances at scale. Because of this, companies are bottlenecked from following through on their visions. Opportunities and new innovations that were considered unfeasible can be accelerated with 5G. With that, there will be new opportunities and new business models. All it takes is a few forward thinking minds and (a lot of) dedication.


About the author:

Fabianne Rico is a Marketing Manager for Impekable, a design and development agency that specializes in using the latest technology and trends to create apps that are both useful and usable. Go to for more info.


This article was inspired by Ericsson’s report on 5G as an innovation engine for many industries including the ones named here.

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