5 productivity apps working millennials cannot live without

productivity apps

The millennial generation is all about getting more done in less time. They live and breathe by technology. From smartphones to wearables and what not – technology has intertwined in their life like arteries and veins in their body.

This fresh breed of working millennials does not believe in sticking to the traditional ways of doing things. They move fast and break them. They cannot live without technology. This post is going to showcase some of the technological advancements i.e. applications without which the current lot of working millennials cannot live. So, let us take a look at them one by one –

1. ProofHub: For keeping projects and work under their ultimate control



A cure for the email bombardment, a solid project management app has become the bread and breakfast for millennial generation. With the rise of advanced project management applications like ProofHub that simplify working with teams to quite a large extent, they save all the time which was earlier wasted in playing the email volleyball.

From getting to know about what’s in store for the day to striking off the tasks that are accomplished and keeping an eye on what other team members are doing, a ProofHub helps them do it all with ease!


2. Slack: For staying connected with their work 24X7



Millennial generation is breaking the stereotype of those typical 9-6 offices. They like to remain connected with their work 24X7; doing things at a time which they find they are most productive at from a place where they feel most comfortable in. This is why a powerful communication and collaboration app like Slack becomes their lifeline.

With it’s never ending list of integrations, it has definitely become the go-to app for millennial generation for staying connected to their work no matter they are working remotely or from an brick and mortar office space.


3. Pocket: For not letting ideas slip through cracks



Ideas can come anywhere, and at the most unexpected places. This is not something that is related just to the millennial generation. But millennial generation surely found its way to have a central place to store those worthy ideas and videos at a central place with the help of Pocket app.

This is an amazing app that lets you store URLs, and video links so that you can read them later. Keeping in mind that there can be times when you stumble upon something really interesting on the internet, but are occupied and cannot read/view it at that moment, Pocket app comes as a lifesaver in such scenario.


4. Expensify: For tracking where’s the cash leaking



Millennial generation surely knows how to earn money, and earn it well. But they are also the smart creed of workers that knows how to stay safe from the tussle between spreadsheets and complicated documents while billing and invoicing. Thanks to apps like Expensify that automates the expense reporting process, millennials cut out all the noise.

From importing their credit card expenses to keeping track of reports on the go, and uploading receipts, the app does it all. Therefore, it comes across as the complete solution for those tedious and time consuming processes of tracking where your money is leaking.

5. The Mindfulness App: For keeping their sanity intact

The Minfulness App



Amidst all the hustle and bustle of managing work, relationships and their lifestyle, it becomes imperative to have something that can help millennials to keep their sanity intact. This is exactly why apps like The Mindfulness App have become popular.

Guided meditation practice, reminders, personalized offers and a timer to help you keep track of time spent while meditating, the app helps to keep their sanity intact no matter how stressful their life becomes at times.

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