5 Portable Technology Solutions That Will Rock 2017

5 Portable Technology Solutions That Will Rock 2017

Before I ever got my first gaming laptop, I was adamant in the fact that portable technologies can never compare to their never-moving counterparts. While it is still true that desktop PCs are usually more powerful, portable technology has evolved tremendously over the years.

Now, portable technology solutions and gadgets are simply fantastic. Today, you can find anything from a computer to an AI assistant to a triple display in portable form, all without compromising any functionality.

Intel Compute Card – A PC for your wallet

One thing that you might have noticed about the world of computing in general is that many manufacturers have gone to great lengths in order to reduce the physical footprint of their products. Thinner smartphones, smaller laptops, and tiny computers are continuously emerging in the market.

Intel’s latest innovation is the Compute Card, a credit card-sized PC that includes everything you would expect from a standard computer, including a CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and Wi-Fi. As you might expect, you can practically take the Intel Compute Card anywhere so you can fit an entire PC inside your wallet.

The Compute Card was designed specifically to address issues with the company’s previous portable PC efforts, the Compute Stick. While the Stick only had limited connection capabilities, the Compute Card can fit practically anywhere so you might soon see it inside additional devices.

VI – AI Personal Trainer

Bluetooth earphones are a dime a dozen these days. As such, new products often find it hard to attract any considerable attention, especially when they do not offer any groundbreaking features.

That, however, has never been a problem for the VI. This pair of earphones not only has solid sound by Harman Kardon, it also doubles as an AI assistant dedicated entirely to training you, particularly if your interest lies in running.

VI will gather your heart rate along with other information while you are running. Then, it will let you know what you did wrong and what you did right whilst you are still exercising. The virtual coach is certainly a glimpse into the future.

ET Mini – Small form factor, big ideas

Portable projects have existed for a few years now but no one has attempted to create an inclusive entertainment system in a single device, until now. The ET Mini is a portable entertainment system that contains a Full HD projector with 0 to 90 degrees no dead angle projection, a waterproof speaker with crystal-clear 360-degree audio, and an HD microphone. This project has already crushed its ~AU$39,000 goal by almost three times, and for good reason. Dubbed as the “world’s first all-in-one, portable entertainment system” as well as the “world’s smallest pocket entertainment system”, the ET Mini already looks very promising indeed.

All of those features come in the size of an iPhone Plus 7 and with a weight of approximately half a kilo. The device can project any media from any device including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

The 120-inch projected screen works virtually anywhere as the tiny device can be carried with you on trips and across any room in the house. You can even use it to watch movies while you are taking a relaxing bath, and that is a dream many have had for ages.

Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Camera – An old new thing

The Polaroid instant cameras are a staple of ages past. However, few people know that these cameras still exist. In fact, Polaroid just released an entirely new take on instant digital photography with a unique combination.

The Polaroid Pop can record 1080p video and capture great images while storing everything in a micro SD card. Alternatively, you can use it as an instant printer, not just of the photos you capture through its own camera but also through any other device.

The Polaroid app will allow you to upload pictures from any device while adding an array of filters, unique stickers, and more.

Razer Project Valerie – A triple display on the go

Anyone who works with triple displays, such as graphic designers, knows the pain of carrying a laptop with a single screen while having to do some professional work.

With Razer’s Project Valerie, such things will no longer be of consequence. This laptop is an extremely powerful PC that opens up like a flower to reveal three screens so that you can take you work on the go and even play a couple of games when you are done.

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