5 gadgets and apps to improve your quality of life

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It is not very easy to live in today’s dynamic environment. Life today is fast paced and full of unique challenges. All we strive to do is improve our quality of life and enjoy to the fullest without having to get intimidated by the difficulties of life.

At times, it’s the small things that affect us the most, such as the inability to wake up on time or the anguish of having to clean our dishes. We sit and think about how amazing it would be if all these small tasks or chores were done automatically.

Well, there are robots out there, however, it’ll be a while before they’re affordable for the general public. Till that happens, we can use the following apps and gadgets to make our lives better.

Quality of life

You don’t want you or your parent’s health and quality of life to diminish, and the best solution you have is to find a caregiver.

Honor is an app designed to help you and your loved ones live happily and peacefully. It helps you get in touch with a healthcare professional, who reaches your home within two hours.

The caregiver ensures everything is under control, taking burden off your shoulders.

Master a new language

Who does not wish to speak and understand multiple languages? French is sexy, German has its own attractiveness and Spanish sounds like magic. While it’s fun to learn a new language, mastering it can be quite a pain.

Most people start courses online when they are expecting a guest from abroad, or are planning to go on a vacation.

Intelligently designed app, Duolingo helps you learn your favorite language with the help of commonly used phrases and instructions on grammar etc. The app is free and offers a wide range of languages including Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Irish and French.

Wireless phone charging

There was a time when wireless charging looked like a distant dream. We had to sit next to the switch and wait for the battery signal to turn green, while also dealing with wires. Thanks to phones including the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, and several versions of Microsoft Lumia and Google Nexus.

Unfortunately everyone’s favorite iPhone does not offer wireless charging yet.

With iPhone having sold over 700 million phones till date, it’s obvious that a lot of people are using Apple’s hottest selling item. However the dream of charging wirelessly has yet to be fulfilled.

Fortunately there’s a solution in the form of Juice Pack Wireless by Mophie. It’s a case designed to make your iPhones compatible with wireless charging devices.

The best thing is that the device works with not just iPhones but several other mobile devices as well.

Once you have the device on, you can charge your iPhone using one of the wireless chargers. You will have to buy these chargers separately even if you have a compatible phone as wireless chargers generally do not come with your phones.

House cleaning

We did mention about robots being expensive, however, some of the technology is not limited to the one percent. Roomba, a popular robotic floor cleaner, is an old news already as it was launched over a decade ago, and has sold over 10 million units. This robot has sensors, and is designed to clean your floor including very dirty spots.

While Rumba is old, robotic window cleaners are new.

Have a look at Winbot from Ecovacs, a robot that uses pretty much the same technology as the Roomba, but works on your windows instead of your floors. You can put it on your window and watch it do what it does the best. No more having to waste hours cleaning windows and finding ladders to reach tall glasses.

Smart assistant

We all know about Siri and how much fun it is to be around it, however Amazon Echo takes the concept a little further.

It’s a smart assistant that can play music for you and also give you weather updates. You can even connect your assistant with other Bluetooth devices for added benefits and privacy.

The device is voice controlled, and allows you to even enjoy movies on it. This incredible assistant will assist you in everything and make your house look cool as well. Imagine ordering your invisible assistant to play your favorite track from your playlist in front of your guests, and voila… it plays!

New gadgets and applications are coming out at regular intervals. Keep an eye on the latest happenings to maintain your quality of life.

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