4 ways to make your brain change for better decision making

Decision Making

Life is all about decisions.

Five years down the line you will either be something because of the good decisions you took or be nothing because of the bad ones. This is why everyone, from managers to business owners, is looking for answer to this question – how to make the brain change for better decision making?

After going through a lot of literature and my personal experience, I have curated a list of ways that can help you answer this question. And I would love to share that list with you here.

1. Be naive

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Wise men are not always silent, but they know when to be. Same is the case here. To become a better decision maker, you must know when to keep your mind silent and be naive.

It’s something on grounds similar to the saying ‘the fool did not know it was impossible so he did it.’ By being naive you are putting your mind in a situation of making an informed decision. In a normal scenario, it is human tendency to have an opinion or a preconceived notion about something. But if you look at the situation from a naive person’s perspective, who does not have an opinion on the topic beforehand, you’ll be able to judge it better and make the right choice.

2. Try to fit the piece in the puzzle

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There are two ways to look at decision making. The first one is to just keep the current situation in mind, and forget about its impact on the future. The second way is to try and look at the bigger picture.

While the first situation might look lucrative, but the smarter choice is to always keep an eye on the bigger picture. After all, you want to thrive in the business and not just survive the moment. Don’t just focus on the current situation, try to relate to it with the bigger picture and frame your decision based on the impact it can have on your future.

3. Ask for an honest judgement

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Sometimes even the most intelligent person needs a second opinion for something. This is where your networking skills come into the picture.

For instance, whenever I am unsure about trying a new marketing gimmick, I simply get in touch with my friends and ask them for an honest opinion. Considering the fact that they are by no means involved in my work, their feedback comes straight from a lay person’s perspective. And this has helped me a number of times in making the right decision, and to avoid the mistake of looking at things from a technical perspective; ignoring the things that a lay person would pay heed to.

4. Don’t let emotions take over

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Emotions are the greatest strength of a person, but it is also his greatest weakness. Decisions made when you are emotional more often than not turn out to be wrong.

Emotions take away the rationality from a situation, leaving you with choices that are sometimes practically impossible. And this is the situation you, as a business leader, must avoid. Don’t let emotions cripple your ability to take an informed decision. If you look at some of the best leaders of all time they had one thing in common. And that was their ability to remain calm even during the times of emotional turmoil – that’s how they were able to take the right decision, more often than not!

To sum up the post I’d like to share this quote from the world’s leading motivational speaker Tony Robbins – it is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. So, don’t let those destiny shaping moments go wasted by passing on the wrong judgement and taking the wrong decision.

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