4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Web Hosting Experience

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Web Hosting Experience

Artificial Intelligence is still, relatively speaking, a new player in the technology and digital arena, but unlike AR and VR, it has seen massive growth in a very short period of time because it has so many diverse applications and uses.

AI is used across every sector from security to Human Resources, and now, it is being used to improve the web hosting experience of companies across the globe.

Here are 4 ways Artificial Intelligence can make your web hosting experience that much better.

Better Security

One of the main concerns for any business owner is the security of their website and customer data.

With new digital threats and malware being developed every day, it’s almost impossible to keep track, let alone to get the protection you need in time. Unfortunately, there are also a few security myths that people fall for. One of those myths is that full automation is possible. No, you need to work on security yourself. You need to keep on top of your updates.

One of the strengths of AI is that it can recognize encoded threats and patterns as they develop, and alert you to potential danger in time.

This means that, using the predictive power of analytics and machine learning, it may be possible to get a warning next time your domain becomes the target of cyber-attacks.

Due Diligence

Although there are programs and online software to check that any domain you’re interested in is available to buy, even the biggest sites slip up sometimes when it comes to registration and credit.

With Artificial Intelligence, you can safeguard yourself against any unnecessary surprises and accusations as programs can be taught to track efforts to buy domain names that are like yours, or even reuse them through proxy servers.

Training an algorithm means you can get constant feedback around competitors trying to make a profit of a term or URL you own.

Performance Recommendations

At its core, AI is built on programs with the ability to recognize patterns and notice them again when certain signs are present within data or coded environments.

One way to use this forecasting ability when you’re chasing the best web hosting experience possible is to consider the longevity and traction of your chosen URL over time.

Algorithms can be trained to look for just about anything, so set up a data mining exercise into the most popular URLs, and gauge how much traffic they managed to generate (and how long this interest was sustained) to inform your own domain selection.


Maintaining any digital platform, whether it’s a social media channel or custom-designed website, requires work and significant investment.

While we are not yet at the point where AI has replaced people – although some say it’s on the cards – it’s best to add AI to your web hosting system purely because of the fact that it can help people to do their jobs more effectively.

A prime example is the ability of systems to repair minor problems themselves. A hosting environment that can scan itself, diagnose potential problems before they get out of hand, and make preventative updates or repairs is ideal as it means you can keep your IT and web teams focus on optimizing performance.

And let’s not forget that AI systems can be taught to send alerts to a human expert should they be unable to address a problem themselves.

While this is a new development, the ability to maintain digital symptoms is an undeniable benefit of making sure your hosting company includes AI in their offering.

The main aspect AI users need to remember is that even if AI systems can be taught to carry out the functions and repairs it has to learn. In other words, the machine needs to learn what to do. This is similar in the way to how speech typing programs like Dragon must be able to study what to do before they can be proficient.

But over time AI systems will get quicker at learning what they need to do.

The Next Step

AI is not another digital fad, and ignoring its potential in every digital environment you own could have dire consequences. Not only can your performance decline but the performance of your competitors could give them an edge over your business. It’s something you need to be aware of before you ignore this new development.

From better security and automatic repairs to recommendations on the domain you should buy before you make a choice, using AI is essential if you want to keep yourself ahead of the game.

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