4 Innovative Team Building Games to Bring Employees Together

4 Innovative Team Building Games to Bring Employees Together

Every company is only as good as its team. Having a group that works well together is the key to increasing productivity for a successful brand. In addition, a well-bonded team is much easier and more fun to work with.

Team building at work is always going to be a challenge. In fact, 86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication as the cause for workplace failures.

Regardless of whether you have just brought on a brand-new crop of employees or simply feel that your current workforce needs a boost, team building can do a lot to bring a wide array of personalities closer together. Even more, it can bring out certain qualities in employees that may have never been revealed otherwise.

Let’s talk about four unique team building games designed to bring out the best in people, rather than induce eye rolls.

Battle of the Airbands

Basically an awesome combination of karaoke and Rock Band, Battle of the Airbands is a team bonding game that splits groups into three to four people and lets them decide who will be singers, guitarists, drummers, keyboardists, etc. From there, the newly formed band members get to choose what song they would like to play. After a few days of rehearsing, the bands can dress up or bring in props for their performance to be voted on.

Although the concept of lip syncing in front of the company can be a bit ridiculous, the main objective of the game is to get employees together outside of the normal work routine and create informal relationships vital to networking. These relationships aim to help colleagues be more open with each other and make the process of bouncing ideas and insights run much smoother.

Gelling: Akeakami Quest

Available on both iTunes and Google Play, Akeakami Quest gives participants a complete break from reality and puts them in a virtual world where they make up a tribe living on a deserted island. The end goal is to restore beauty to the island and live in harmony.

The game is designed to push players to work together and complete quests by creative thinking, open-communication, problem-solving, and commitment. The biggest advantage this game has is that it puts players in a new environment while leveling the playing field where a variety of skills and expertise are needed.

Throughout the game, the players can let their unique personalities and pool of knowledge come to light in a way that may not have had the chance to be exhibited in reality.

Perfect for companies and departments of all sizes and backgrounds, Akeakami Quest brings employees together and acts as a crash course for cooperating with each other. When the time comes in the workplace for them to collaborate, they will have already established a good dynamic leading to more effective productivity.

Arctic Chill

This game can be played at a desk and with groups of three to five people. The scenario in this game is that the teams play the role of artic explorers who must build shelters made from accessible supplies when a storm hits. If this game is played in an office, the storm would be emulated by a fan and shelters would be made of things like paper clips, sticky notes, rubber bands, pencils, etc.

Each group selects a leader. The game gets interesting when the leader is unable to use their hands due to frostbite and the rest of group is suffering from snow blindness. The group must resort to communication skills and resourcefulness to get the shelter built in way that it will remain standing through the storm.

This game is great for team building in the sense that it requires a high level of communication and cooperative skills to succeed. The blindfolds and frostbitten hands represent handicaps that force everyone to work as a single unit to complete the task.

Battlefield 1

Thinking beyond the negative stigmas attached to war themed video games, multi-player first-person shooters offer actionable opportunities for team building, cooperation, and tactical thinking. Studies have found that action video games can benefit performance through a variety of sensory, perceptional, and attentive tasks as well as split-second decision-making upon factual patterns.

Released in October 2016, Battlefield 1 is a game that will undoubtedly keep groups on their toes while putting their nerves to the test. Throughout the online gameplay, teams must study the maps and resources while effectively using the skillsets of each player to achieve victory against other teams. Every scenario requires a different approach and will force players to work together under pressure.

Stepping away from violent video games, the type of thinking this game requires is vital to the success of any team. The fast-paced, competitive nature can bring out the true qualities in team members by how they respond to certain high-stress situations and even failure. Do they get flustered and shut down after committing mistakes? Do they berate other players when they’ve made errors? Do they look to make moves that ultimately benefit the team?

There are so many questions and observations to be made about the way players react in these types of situations and how it translates to the workplace. Just beware, these games can be very fun and addicting.

Parting Words

When new employees are brought on, it can take a long time to truly learn their unique qualities and what they bring to the table. Finding the right activities to showcase individual skill sets is essential for finding how each piece of the puzzle fits together early on. Try these games next time you bring on a new group of minds or if your current team just needs a boost. You never know what characteristics might come out in the process.

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