3 points to consider when choosing an Office 365 and Azure cloud partner

3 points to consider when choosing an Office 365 and Azure cloud partner

The easiest part when making the leap to the cloud is to decide on the Microsoft cloud.

In fact, Office 365 and Azure accumulate so much value and advantages that Microsoft makes it really easy. However, because these platforms are constantly evolving, choosing the best partner to help you make the leap to the cloud successfully from all Microsoft partners is a key task.

To help you in the selection process we will list 3 essential points to keep in mind when choosing your Microsoft Cloud Partner:

1- Capacity

A migration to Office 365 requires a good evaluation plan that if not, can cause delays and failures that negatively impact the activity of your company. Tasks such as user migration, mailboxes, archiving … require prior evaluation plans and proper project management, so you should be wary of quick fixes and with an implausible cost 5 things to keep in mind to bet on an Office 365 and Azure partner.

The key is that the Partner understands the needs of your company to offer you the right solution.

2- Experience

All Microsoft partners have the same goal, ensuring your company a successful cloud step, but what sets them apart is to have faced virtually any situation (from migrations from Google, Lotus Notes or Linux mail servers going through all types Of scenarios and problems), thus providing much more value to the client.

On the other hand, it is very important that the partner is Gold Cloud Productivity certified, since it is the maximum recognition granted by Microsoft, certifying not only the capacity but also the expertise in deployments of Office 365 for medium and large companies.

Any company can talk about their virtues and their knowledge without any control so it is important that you can contrast the experience of the partner to make a good choice. Verifying customer success stories, referrals and opinions are key to deciding who to entrust the service too.


Another aspect that distinguishes a good partner is the treatment and support he offers his clients both in the implementation process and in the adoption phase.

It is therefore very important that once the implementation is completed, the Partner will accompany you by maintaining a consistent communication, providing training and support when you need it.

How can Softening help with Office 365 and Azure?

Softening analyzes and draws with its clients the most appropriate strategy to get into the cloud, in stages, without headaches, safely and starting to have benefited from the first moment.

Additionally, Softening is one of the Spanish companies that more Office 365 and Azure Training solutions have deployed and one of the first partners of Microsoft to achieve the Microsoft Gold Cloud competition, backed by the medium and large company customers in whom Softening has successfully deployed Office 365 and the official certifications achieved by our Microsoft Cloud Solution Specialists. All this allows us to offer a service of total guarantee.

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