3 Most Fascinating AI Developments of 2017

3 Most Fascinating AI Developments of 2017

The field of artificial intelligence was officially born at Dartmouth College, in Hanover, New Hampshire in 1956. Since its inception, pundits have debated the impact it will have on the world. Over the past 60 years, AI has brought spectacular changes. However, we still have only seen a glimpse of the future of AI.

In 2017, several new developments have taken place. Sandhya Venkatachalam, co-founder and general partner at Centerview Capital, states that this is the year of AI.

We are finally starting to understand the full potential of AI. Here are some amazing changes that we have witnessed over the past six months.

An AI Tool Creates Its Own Language

Since Isaac Asimov began writing science fiction stories about robots, people have wondered if AI would evolve to the point that it wouldn’t need us anymore. They speculated that it could eventually replicate itself.

A year ago, this would have sounded silly. However, an AI technology recently developed its own unique language.

Elon Musk and Y Combinator president Sam Altman told Recode that they have started training bots to develop their own language.

“We think that if we slowly increase the complexity of their environment, and the range of actions the agents themselves are allowed to take, it’s possible they’ll create an expressive language which contains concepts beyond the basic verbs and nouns that evolved here,” they wrote.

Miles Brundage, an AI professor at Oxford University, states that this indicates that AI is becoming much more effective at understanding contextual data. It is a significant milestone that shows AI will make even more headway in the near future.

Of course, it could mean that AI is evolving faster than we could have ever anticipated. It could mean that AI will reach a level of cognition that humans never anticipated.

Facebook Begins Using AI to Fight Extremism

Over the last few years, some experts have warned that both domestic and foreign terrorist groups have started using social media to recruit followers and coordinate campaigns. However, social media platforms can also be used to fight terrorist activity, provided they are equipped with the right AI tools.

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerburg stated that the social networking site has developed new AI technology to remove extremist content.  They said their new approach relies on the “most cutting edge techniques”.

Facebook will initially train the AI to focus on finding content posted by ISIS, al Qaeda and their affiliates. However, they will eventually use it to fight other forms of terrorism as well, including domestic organizations.

This is a major milestone in the evolution of AI, since this technology needs to be able to analyze content in over 80 different languages. This new tool shows that AI is becoming better at interpreting contextual information in different languages.

Hosting Companies Begin to Focus More on AI

Over the past decade, artificial intelligence has been used by many industries. However, hosting companies have been surprisingly slow to respond to new AI technology.

This is finally beginning to change. Here is an overview of three hosting companies that intend to use AI more heavily over the next year and beyond.


Host.AG is a worldwide hosting company based in Antigua and Barbuda. According to its literature, it makes improvement a lifelong focus. Lyubomir Bambov, the network engineer, says the company prides itself on using new technology to create an edge in a competitive market. Artificial intelligence is playing an even more important role in 2017.


Truehoster makes a very bold promise – offering scalable solutions and limitless resources to customers at the lowest possible price. While that seems like an impossible promise to keep, it has kept it since day one. However, it is finding it harder to please customers in an increasingly crowded market.  Truehoster will probably rely more heavily on AI to service its customers in 2017.


BelCloud is a popular hosting solution that brokers resources from other hosting companies, such as Host.AG and Truehoster. It is becoming more difficult to track all of the different hosting providers and their key selling points these days, so BelCloud appears to be relying more on AI than ever before.

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