11 Quick Ways To Grow Your Email List

11 Quick Ways To Grow Your Email List

Although some may treat email marketing as an outdated tactic, it remains one of the most effective techniques for promoting a business online & keeping your visitors engaged. It allows a business to connect directly with people who are interested in specific products, services, or content.

Email marketing has a number of advantages over other forms of digital marketing, including relatively high open rates and click-through rates. People are more likely to read and click the content of an email from a trusted business than they are to click a banner ad.

Being subscribed to an email list means that viewers have taken the first step in a long-lasting relationship with your business. Hence, the job of selling your services & products becomes much easier.

However, for email marketing to work well, your business must build and continually grow a robust database of emails. To help you get started, here are 11 quick ways to grow your email list!

#1 – Encourage people to sign-up on your website

Visitors to your website should be strongly encouraged to sign up to your newsletter. You can promote the value of the content inside the newsletter and encourage sign ups in a number of ways, including:

  • Use newsletter signup landing pages

    You may have noticed that many websites now have dedicated landing pages that feature a newsletter subscription box. Visitors have to close a full page pop-up before they can access the content they are trying to reach. It is an aggressive approach, but one that is very effective at increasing the number of subscribers on your email list.
  • Offer a content upgrade

    Tell visitors that they can gain access to content upgrade by subscribing to your newsletter via the website. A content upgrade is an access to some exclusive article that has not been featured on the website previously. It may be a white paper, special buyers guide, free e-book download or any other form of unique content.
  • Feature a newsletter signup form on every blog post

    Have one or more email list signup forms on every post of your website. Locations that work well include the top of the page, the sidebars and beneath the main body of content.
  • Use triggered popups
    Integrate popups that are triggered once the user scrolls down or reaches the end of the post. Make sure you give users an option to disable it.
  • Use an exit popup
    When a user attempts to leave your website, ask them if they are interested in signing up to your newsletter before they go. If they found your content valuable or your business offer exciting, they will take advantage of the reminder.
  • Email-to-Download approach
    This strategy can be very effective for those who allow users to download Free E-books & guides. Enabling a feature for users to leave their email address before downloading the paper can skyrocket your email subscriptions.

#2 – Create great content that is valuable to your readers

Readers want content that is informative, entertaining, or valuable in some way or another. If you consistently send great content to your readers, they are more likely to stay subscribed to your emailing list and encourage others to join. They will also be more likely to share your content with colleagues, friends and family via social media.

#3 – Run online contests

Run contests and offer an incentive for people to join your emailing list. Even small prizes like a gift voucher can encourage more people to subscribe.

#4 – Integrate social media

If you are sharing high-quality content via your email newsletters, make sure readers can easily share it with other people. Integrate social media sharing buttons into your newsletter to allow users to share your piece in a matter of a click.

#5 – Promote your newsletter to customers when they make a purchase

Don’t waste any opportunity to promote your email newsletter! Promote it in paper catalogues, on invoices, packaging, stationery, receipts and any other marketing material. Feature a signup form on the checkout confirmation page on your website, so customers can signup once they have completed a purchase.

#6 – Offer a freebie

Consumers love getting freebies! Consider offering new customers a discount on a purchase or a small token of appreciation when they sign up to your newsletter for the first time.

#7 – Run an exclusive webinar

If you or one of your staff is an expert in a particular area, consider running a webinar to share that valuable knowledge with others. Ask people to signup to your businesses newsletter to obtain access to the webinar.

#8 – Use your physical location

Many regular customers who visit the physical location of your business may not be aware that you have a website or a regular email newsletter. Inform them by having a pen-and-paper signup form at your place of business. Encourage them to signup by mentioning the benefits of receiving the newsletter, including exclusive access to events, content and special deals.

#9 – Include details of your newsletter in every email that you send

Have all employees use email signatures in their correspondence that contain an email signup link.

#10 – Promote your newsletter via social media

Use Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and other social media platforms to promote your newsletter and the content that it contains. Whenever you send an email to your subscribers, mention it on social media and provide people with a link to subscribe.

#11 – Consider using paid reach

If you feel like your latest post has a potential of reaching a broad audience – consider using paid ads. Within that content, embed a pop-up or a subscription sign-up form. With a relatively low budget and smart usage of keywords, you can generate high traffic that will potentially convert into regular email subscribers.

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