10 new online tools to help your business in 2017

10 new online tools to help your business in 2017

Being a small business owner or an entrepreneur assumes that you should have a complete knowledge of the big things, but also finer nuances, that can boost your business growth. To achieve a strong position in your niche, you need to deal  with different business aspects and, not to mention, pay attention to every dollar.

Fortunately, there are numerous cheap or even free online tools that you can benefit from. There are different tools that you can utilize for everyday tasks, and for collaboration, social media, marketing, scheduling and many more issues as well.

We reviewed and gathered the best new online tools that can help your business run smoothly.

1. Easy website builder

How many times did you have an awesome website idea but didn’t have enough time and resources to test it? Or maybe you are just not keen on developing coding skills?

You should definitely try out Ucraft, a new website building tool that will solve all these issues.


Ucraft is a drag-and-drop website builder that tries to make website building easy and fast but keeps focus on quality at the same time. All the blocks and elements available at ucraft.com are smart enough to adapt to all devices, so your website will be mobile friendly from the beginning, there is no need for additional adjustments. Furthermore, there is a wide choice of templates that will be a good fit for various business niches.

Other things you don’t have to worry about if you choose to build your website with Ucraft are: Logo and SEO.  With a very easy-to-use logo maker, you can create your desired logo within seconds. You should certainly take advantage of the SEO App, where you can optimize your website for search engines and make Google happy!

Additional features that we like about Ucraft are the ‘Free Landing Page Creator’ and ‘Designer Tools’. All landing pages are completely free, so you can try them out without any strings attached. The Designer Tools is a nifty tool compared to Photoshop. It helps designers style each and every HTML element exactly as they want it.


To sum up: A simple drag-and-drop website builder that helps you create responsive websites, landing pages and logos with no coding required.

Pricing: Ucraft has three packages: Free trial, $8/month for builders and $18/month for agencies.

2. Visual content creator

Visual content is an essential part of every business: From marketing, social media, presentations and e-books to business cards or letters, visual content creators help you easily design engaging content.

We tried out a new tool on the market, Designbold, and because of its features, we must certainly recommend it!


Guys from Designbold claim that “every idea, if it can be thought, it can be created, and it should be created beautifully by anyone who dares to dream it.”

When it comes to visual content ideas, a simple, yet smart, Designbold  interface provides you with every tool necessary to turn your ideas into stunning visual content. Not to mention that you don’t need any technical expertise or special skills.

Whether you need to create content for social media, blog or e-book, marketing material, event or business card, ads or letters, you will find a variety of templates available, resized perfectly for your needs.

Apart from easy customization, Designbold offers features such as high-resolution download, freely upload of your own content and  the ability to save your designs directly to Dropbox.


To sum up: A drag-and-drop visual content creator that allows you to fully customize your work and has ready-to-use templates for any business purpose.

Pricing: Designbold has three packages: FREE, $19/month and $49/month depending on the features.

3. PDF document and QR-Code scanner

If you want high-quality scans with just one tap, you should certainly check out the latest Scanbot App update, the Scanbot 6.

Scanbot 6 is the latest version of the award-winning mobile scanner that is now even easier to use.

Automatic Capture with 200+ dpi will ensure that you create very high-quality scans with just one tap. You can scan everything – from Documents, QR Codes, Barcodes, Receipts to even Whiteboards.

Since in the everyday business you need to send your scans to various recipients, Scanbot 6 now makes it easy to share them within seconds! Save your documents as PDF or JPG files and just choose a cloud service you would like to use: iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, MagentaCLOUD and many more.

Scanbot 6 offers variety of new features, but Color Optimization and Perspective Correction are the ones that grabbed our attention. Optimize your scans for grayscale and color, or straighten the scanned documents before converting them into PDFs and make them perfect.

Scanbot 6

To sum up: A mobile scanner app for premium quality PDF scans of documents and QR codes.

Pricing: Free and Scanbot 6 PRO packages from $5.99

4. URL shortener

We are sure that you needed to shorten your URL many times, but had issues with how it turned out.  Furthermore, if you want users to click on your links, they need to look tempting, right?

We found a great tool to help you shorten your URLs quickly and easily by using your own domain.


Short.cm is a URL shortener that is easy to use and makes it simple for you to copy and share your links. You just need to copy your URL into the app and Short.cm will provide you not only with a short link, but will also use your name to do that.

The thing we love about this app is that you just need to choose the right social platform where you would like to promote your short link and share it straight from the app. Moreover, you can create tags on your shortened links and filter them easily based on these specific tags.

To sum up: Shorten URLs using your domain name, save and share them fast and easily.

Pricing: Free, $19.99/month, $49.99/month, $149.99/month

5. PDF editor

Whatever business you work for, we are sure that you need to edit PDF files almost on a daily basis! Whether you just need to put your signature or completely edit the file according to your needs, a free PDF editor is something you should make use of.

PDF Annotation Lite

PDF Annotation Lite allows you not only to edit the current elements in the PDF files by changing their colors, location, size or transparency, but also to draw and add new shapes.

This tool is perfect for designing magazine and book covers, business cards and flyers or for creating formal Documents such as contracts or proposals.

A feature that differentiates this tool from its competitors is that it supports PDF files that are password protected.

There is no need to mention that all files are saved in the PDF format as well.

PDF Annotation Lite

To sum up: Edit and customize PDF files according to your needs.

Pricing: Free

6. CRM for public relations

Public relations are an essential part of every business that wants to succeed. However, it is very hard to manage media relations and pitch your stories to relevant audiences from the right angle. That’s why we recommend Prowly, a smart and easy tool for Public Relations, to help you with all your outreach needs.


Prowly is a CRM software founded a while ago, but it got extremely popular in 2016 because of its newest updates. Since the 2.0 version is coming soon, we can surely say that 2017 is going to be “the Prowly year”.

This App is actually a set of PR software tools specially designed to help you build relationships with companies, brands and influencers. This is a 3-in-1 tool – a story creator, media pitch and a brand journal.

Create visually stunning, SEO optimized and responsive content. Get to know your audience better so that your email goes to the right place. Why stop there? Have a real-time journal with all the relevant information about your brand in one place. Prowly is worth trying, right?


To sum up: Create unique, responsive, SEO optimized multimedia outreach content

Pricing: Starting from $39/month depending on the package

7. Content ideas from autocomplete suggestions

How awesome would it be to have a growth hacking tool for Search Analytics, Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing and PPC in one tool?

If you like the idea, then Serpstat is worth checking out for sure.



Serpstat is not like anything else on the market. It actually provides unique tools that nobody else does. That’s what the founders claim, and after trying it out, we are convinced as well.

This tool has a unique algorithm that both finds and saves autocomplete suggestions for keywords from Google. The algorithm’s filters will provide you with questions that people usually ask about your or similar product. That way, you can create content based on the solutions for your audience’s problems and get ideas about how to improve your product.

Serpstat can be used for an in-depth competitor analysis and for monitoring your own rankings at the same time. SEO-wise, the tool is perfect for international projects since it will provide you with data from different regions.

To sum up: A deep keyword analysis that helps you create the perfect content for every digital marketing channel

Pricing: From $15.2/month to $239.2.month depending on the package

8. Calendar tool

If you are handling both business and personal issues, you need to make decisions based on your memories and plan the next days accordingly. This is especially frustrating if you are using a couple of calendars at the same time.

That’s where Kin Calendar comes in handy.

Kin Calendar

Guys from Kin have a vision that “a single interface to view and manage your life, whether it’s personal or professional, is the right path to less stressful days.” And we certainly agree that you don’t need another calendar tool, but a useful one that will help you organize everything.

The main advantage of this app is the single interface that is connected to all services you use in your personal and business life. That way, Kin Calendar makes it easy to view and manage all of your daily tasks.

To sum up: A simple interface that helps you manage your tasks easily because it is connected to different services you use on a daily basis.

Pricing: Free

9. Payment processor

If you are running or planning to run a global Internet business, Stripe Atlas is a tool you have to try out.

This product is designed to give entrepreneurs access to all basic building blocks essential for starting a global online business.

Stripe Atlas

Stripe Atlas can help you incorporate your business in the US completely by providing guidance on how to open bank accounts, informing you about taxes and local laws etc.

This tool is ideal for entrepreneurs who have a global customer base or are trying to create one. In addition, by setting up your business in the US, it is much easier to get noticed by global investors.

The Stripe Atlas network gathers more than hundred investors, partners, accelerators all around the globe. When you are an entrepreneur, networking is one of the essential parts of your business, so don’t miss the opportunity to get involved.

To sum up: tool that guides you on your journey to establishing a business in the US and helps you connect with investors around the world.

Pricing: Invite-only private beta, 2.9 percent +30¢ per successful card charge

10. Manage your contacts

Tired of copy-pasting contact info you get daily? You waste too much time creating and updating contact Spreadsheets? How useful would it be to have a personal bot that sorts everyone you meet into lists and syncs them to your marketing and sales tools?

Good news! Meet Mila, your new assistant who won’t let your network go to waste in your inbox.



This new tool, Mila, will basically take care of your contacts, so you can just think about your business issues. How? Well, since it automatically scans your inbox and agenda, it will track all the people you meet on a daily basis. Mila will sort your contacts by those who are suitable to send newsletters to, potential employees, clients etc.

You can share your network with your team members as well. Furthermore, it is possible to easily sync contacts with the tools you already use, like Mailchimp, Pipedrive, Highrise or Eventbrite.

Mila will help you grow your network completely hustle-free.


To sum up: A bot that organizes your e-mail contacts and filters them by your needs: clients, newsletter recipients, sales or marketing partners etc.

Pricing: Free trial, and then roughly $6 to $25 depending on the number of contacts managed

Let us know which app was useful for your business and if there is any we missed.

This post is part of our contributor series. It is written and published independently of TNW.

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