10 Most Creative 2016 Christmas Campaigns

10 Most Creative 2016 Christmas Campaigns

Whether you are a marketer looking for ideas or just an ad lover, this is that time of the year when everyone unleashes their creativity and basically fight for awareness. Without warning, you will get tons of snowflake-themed emails in your inbox, your social media news feed will be targeted with countless smiling Santas, and cheerful (ok, let’s be honest – annoying) ads will pop out of your TV screen.



Even though it might seem that holiday marketing went out of control, you have to hand it to some brands who did a great job this year, right? Their creativity sometimes really brings up warm and fuzzy feelings and boosts your holiday spirit! Ah, yes, you won’t only feel festive, but often end up buying their product.

Check out these 10 most creative Christmas campaigns of the year and find inspiration for a campaign of your own, or just enjoy and embrace your inner child!

#1 Coca-Cola


Well, not only did Santa get his red outfit “from” the Coca-Cola company, but they keep rocking their Christmas campaigns year after year. So, since it all started with them, it’s only fair to put the Coca-Cola official Facebook page at the top of this creative list. The cover photo and all the holiday posts are photos or real people (what, you didn’t know that Santa is real?) enjoying the holidays…and the taste of Coke, of course.

The photos are a bit old school, but classy and very high quality. Want to rock a Coca-Cola look-a-like campaign? Keep it simple and classy.

#2 Ucraft


Ucraft is a website builder with very creative and artistic templates, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their Christmas offer landing page is super cool! A clumsy Santa, funny Snowman, bright colors and twinkling lights will make you sign up for their offer immediately!


Did you notice the CTA button? Does it make you want to get your present? You have to admit, the offer is quite tempting, right?

#3 Flights.com


Recent studies revealed that millions of vacation days are left unused in the United States. Nothing good comes from that fact, so flights.com decided to make a positive impact on workaholics…and increase their Christmas sales.



A series of Christmas videos shows ironic, but sadly true, situations of staying at the office instead of celebrating the holidays. Instead, they suggest taking a couple of days off and reconnecting with friends and family, or just getting some rest. The videos are creative, but what makes a lasting impression is the ‘Skipping another holiday to stay at the office? Skip this Ad.’ quote. Try to find a solution for busy people and show it in your campaign, they will “buy it”, for sure. And of course, “don’t skip the trip!”

#4 Salvation Army


Christmas campaigns aren’t all about increasing sales revenue. Salvation Army reminds us about the presence of poverty all around us and they encourage us to donate. They do this in a distinctive and genuinely creative way by showing that porridge can be a lifesaver. Making a positive impact in 2016 has never been easier.

#5 Ryanair


Ryanair played the marketing game by their own rules this year! No, they didn’t point out that they offer cheap flights to “fly back home for Christmas”. They completely twisted all those homesick quotes and suggested flying away from home! Honestly, let’s face it – almost all flights are booked during the holidays. People have free days for Christmas and enjoy spending it abroad. They also created a trending hashtag #XmasEscape.

Think twice about the message you are sharing with your audience. Even if it sounds a bit harsh, the truth always “sells”.

#6 BurgerKing


Ever thought that Burger King will launch a clothing line? Well, they started with a jumper, but only as a reminder of how tasty their burgers are. Confused? To refresh our memory on what distinguishes them from their competition, they created Interactive Christmas Jumpers! They have a belly pocket, which is designed to hold your smartphone. Moreover, when you play a fire video, your phone will create an illusion of a wood-burning fireplace, which resembles that of Burger King’s flame-grilled burgers.

Try to beat the creativity of Burger King’s marketing team

#7 Doctors of the World


Rather than making a religious statement with their Christmas cards, Doctors of the World, an international humanitarian medical charity, reminds us that millions of people are facing war in the Middle East instead of enjoying the holidays.

All the images are very artistic and at first sight seem religious, but leave a powerful impression and will certainly remind you to make a donation to help these people who are in desperate need of food and medical help

#8 Mojomarketplace


Mojomarketplace didn’t go too “Christmassy” when it comes to design. They didn’t add reindeers, snowmen or Santas, just a winter landscape and a simple, yet awesome sentence: A Merry Little Cyber Bundle. And it is enough!


Again, a proof that simplicity rocks

#9 Oddbins


Oddbins certainly made an effort (and had a huge budget) to make their 2016 Christmas video, but it was totally worth it! When you have twelve chimps giving you beer, there is no need for additional reasons why this video is mind-blowing!

And how about that quote at the end of the video? A bit on the edge, but certainly creative: Merry Chimpmas! Give a sh**t this Christmas!

#10 IKEA


When it comes to marketing ideas, IKEA is certainly a brand that sets the rules! Their ads are beyond creative, and the same goes for the 2016 Christmas campaign. IKEA videos are worth watching! In case you haven’t witnessed their creativity, let’s check their official Instagram page together.

All the posts show not only holiday decorations, but also many IKEA everyday items which are being used during the holidays. Not only do they make their Instagram page look festive, but they also show us how to use these products around Christmas time. In addition, IKEA’s Instagram page can get followers who like to have nice holiday images in their feed, whether they shop at IKEA or no. Smart move!


Enjoy the holidays and all these creative campaigns! If you have other awesome ad suggestions, feel free to tell me about them in the comments.


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