10 Mobile Marketing Trends To Watch In 2017

10 Mobile Marketing Trends To Watch In 2017

In the fast-paced world of mobile apps, it appears that, with the exception of messaging apps, the other apps are going downhill. The scene for mobile marketing trends in 2017 is set to change. Let us see 10 of these trends that the experts predict for 2017:

• 1 Mobile apps

Despite a 24% growth in mobile apps in 2016, people installed only 6% apps on their phones. This downward trend in mobile apps will continue in 2017. Instead of going for mobile apps, the trend for marketers is to turn to the mobile web first and from there channel the users into their apps to create a captive customer base to capitalize on.

• 2 Use messaging apps

Mobile messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Line, Apple’s Messenger and a few more will continue to gain in popularity in 2017. Instead of relying on their mobile apps to reach the users, the trend for marketers is to tap them through messaging apps.

• 3 Benefit from location-based marketing

Location-based technologies, such as beacons, are set to open up exciting possibilities in 2017. The retail brands that struggle to keep up with e-commerce due to old practices will benefit from location technology by digitizing their store to enable one-click ordering from smartphones.

• 4 Speed counts for mobile sites

It has been researched that if a customer is unable to locate on mobile what he wants in three seconds, he moves on. The trend in 2017 is to go in for relentless user testing, split-testing of features, feature enhancements and continuous mobile site speed improvements to catch customers.

• 5 Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is in

The 2017 trend indicates that companies will take advantage of Google’s AMP that enables loading of mobile pages at lightening speeds. However, AMP is still in infancy but has shown promising results. It may take some more time to remove all the kinks in this Google’s tool to make it user-friendly.

• 6 Augmented reality versus virtual reality

Whereas virtual reality caters only to niche customers, the 2017 trend for introducing augmented reality (AR) appears promising. This technology may make us do away with our smartphones. AR involves flexible OLED and next-gen screens that will be present on everything. But, it may take a time to hit the market.

• 7 Popup ads will affect ranking

Google’s 2017 offering is not to rank high those mobile pages where the content is not easily accessible, due to pop-up ads that cover the main content. The lesson learnt for marketers from this is to stop using popups.

• 8 Video popularity to rise

Videos have gained in immense popularity as can be gauged by YouTube and are set for a double-digit growth every year through 2020. 2017 predicts an explosive growth and marketers should take full advantage of it.

• 9 The advent of voice search

Today, voice searches constitute 20% of searches in Google’s mobile app and on Android devices. This is certain to trend in a big way in 2017. Ultimately, voice searches will become the norm with even search engines and users opting for voice-optimized mobile content.

• 10 Know your mobile customers

Irrespective of the medium used, the trend for 2017 for marketers would be to know the customers to treat them as an individual. This identity resolution would enable the marketers to create a ‘holistic customer profile’ and benefit from it.The mobile trends for 2017 seem exciting and will enhance the users buying experience

The mobile trends for 2017 seem exciting and will enhance the users buying experience

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