Google’s new website lets you tour NYC’s holiday decor

One of the best parts of living in New York City during the holidays is experiencing all of the holiday decorations (if you can make your way around the crowds of tourists, that is). But now you can experience some of the cities best decorations all the way from your home using Google’s new Window Wonderland website.

The virtual tour allows you to visit 18 holiday setups in NYC, including Bloomingdale’s, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, and many others (most of these located on Manhattan’s 5th Ave). The images were shot with high res cameras so you can zoom in the details, and there’s a 360-view option so you can check out the setup’s surroundings.

Many of the decorations are made up of multi-window setups, so it’s pretty cool to see the vignettes evolve as you move around. Some convey a narrative that evolves as you move through them, while others try to convey a specific message or theme. Most of the displays allow you to listen to audio snippets from creative directors behind the projects for more insight into their meaning.

You can view the full set of decorations here.

Window Wonderland

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