The Google app will now split your updates into two separate feeds

The Google app will now split your updates into two separate feeds

Google’s main app can provide some useful information like reminders about meetings and travel tips, but sometimes useful tidbits get lost within other updates and suggestions. To help keep things a bit less cluttered, Google will now separate your information cards into two sections.

Instead of just one massive list, there will be a ‘Upcoming’ tab for all your personal updates – like flights, meetings, and travel time – and a ‘Feed’ tab for current events – think sports, news, and weather.

Users in the US will also now see a new card that lets them choose the specific topics they want see more updates on.

While I get the desire to be little more organized, especially as Google adds a greater variety of information cards, some users will be unhappy with the change. I, for one, liked being able to just open Google now and view all of my updates in one place. Now I’ll have to remember to switch between tabs.

The change is rolling out to Android today and will arrive on iOS soon.

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