Google Maps makes it dead easy to find your polling place

Google Maps makes it dead easy to find your polling place

If you’re too lazy to look up where to vote, Google wants to make sure it’s as convenient as possible.

Now as soon as you tap on the search bar on Google Maps on Mobile or visit Google Maps on the Web, you’ll see a banner asking to help you find your polling place. Just tap on the banner and you’ll be taken to your polling place based on your current location (you can of course enter a different address).

It basically just enters a very lengthy Google query: “Where do I vote in the 2016 United States election #Everyonein2016”


We’re not sure why you’d type in a hashtag into Google search, but there you have it. You can also just type in “where to vote” and get the same result.

Google also provides a handy bit of information, including a guide on how to vote – useful if its your first time or you haven’t voted in a while – as well as the poll times, the contents of your ballot at the national, state, and local levels.

It’s just one example of the myriad of tech companies try to get you out to vote. Facebook has a full-fledged voting guide of its own that’s worth a look as well.

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