Gmail just got its biggest update on iOS in four years

Gmail just got its biggest update on iOS in four years

Gmail for iOS is getting a big revamp today in what Google calls “the biggest overhaul of the app in nearly four years.” While it’s largely an aesthetic change, there are a few interesting new features to note.

First up, that new look: it’s a lot more like the Android app, with ample use of red for a more Material Design

Feature-wise, the main addition is Undo Send, which means you now have a life-saver for those times you email the wrong person and notice immediately after. For a few seconds after shipping a message, you’ll be able to click on ‘Undo’ at the bottom of your screen –  a feature Gmail for Android doesn’t even have yet (although Google’s own Inbox app does).


Google says it’s also sped up search with ‘instant’ results, and also now provides suggestions while you type. Finally, you can now also simply swipe to the side to archive or delete emails quickly, and Google says its made the overall app a lot faster.

Meanwhile, Google’s Calendar app is getting a few updates too. Now you can use month and week views in landscape mode, set up alternate calendars (such as Lunar, Islamic, Hindu, etc), and search for events, reminders and goals within Apple’s Spotlight Search.


The updated apps are available on iOS now.



Gmail on Apps Store [iOS]

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