Google Play is adding support for introductory discounts on Android app subscriptions

Credit: The Next Web

At its Playtime developer event in San Francisco, Google announced that it’s introducing a handy new monetization feature: Discounts on subscriptions.

That means developers will be able to offer introductory deals on the subscription plans for their Android apps on Google Play.

Say you’ve got a podcast service that normally costs $3 a month; you can now offer new subscribers a $1 per month fee for the first three months and then ramp it up to the full price. The introduction of this feature negates the need to build custom payment infrastructure to support discounted subscriptions.

This builds on Google Play’s support for local and custom pricing, as well free trials, beta programs and pre-registration for new apps, which it rolled out in the past few months to make it easier for developers to better market their software and services to Android users.

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