Google’s Daydream VR viewer is now available to pre-order

Google’s Daydream VR viewer is now available to pre-order
Credit: Google

Following the success of its low-cost Cardboard VR viewer, Google revealed a comfy-looking new option, the Daydream View VR headset, at its hardware launch event earlier this month.

The $79 headgear, which works with your phone and bundles a handheld controller for more immersive VR experiences, is now available to pre-order for folks in the US, UK and Germany. It’s set to ship in November.

It’s draped in a breathable fabric and is available in three colors. Google recommends using it with a Daydream-ready phone like its own Pixel handsets.

The company has also begun selling its Chromecast Ultra in certain countries including the US. The $69 streaming dongle is capable of 4K and HDR video output and is now available from the Google Store.

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