MadeByGoogle store to open in Lower Manhattan

MadeByGoogle store to open in Lower Manhattan

Even in the age of Amazon and eBay, the traditional retail experience still has its place. Google’s apparently realized this, and intends to open a new MadeByGoogle store in New York.

Mountain View’s new retail venture opens on October 20, and will be located at 96 Spring Street, Lower Manhattan.

As the name suggests, this pop-up shop will showcase the new devices that Google unveiled during Tuesday’s hardware event. This includes Google Home, and the two new Pixel phones.

There’s no word on how long Google intends to keep its pop-up open for, or whether it will extend it to other markets.

But it makes sense. Google is introducing a range of very ambitious, very new products. Before anyone stumps down the cash for one, it’s likely they’ll want to try it out first. This strategy has worked wonders for Apple.

The MadeByGoogle store isn’t Google’s first foray into retail. During its ill-fated Google Glass experiment, it operated a chain of stores in London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.

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