Google’s Open YOLO project will remove the need for passwords on Android

Google’s Open YOLO project will remove the need for passwords on Android
Credit: Dashlane

Google is partnering with password management service Dashlane to build what they’re calling Open YOLO, a new API that will allow Android apps to securely access your login credentials to sign you in without any fuss.

Of course you’re wondering that name is about. Here, YOLO stands for You Only Login Once. The project is open source, which means anyone can scrutinize the code used to build it and find bugs, or even contribute and improve the API.

That also means that it’ll be available for other password management services to implement in their tools. Dashlane will be the first to integrate it; the company noted in a blog post that other services are also collaborating on this project and will likley follow suit soon. It also hopes that Open YOLO will eventually launch on other operating systems as well.

That’s good news for anyone who uses a mobile device. Passwords are a pain, no matter how you manage them with existing methods. By negating the need to deal with login screens in the first place, Google’s project could ease a lot of the stress of keeping your accounts safe, while boosting security at the same time.

Dashlane and Google Establish New Open Source API Project to Enable Simple, Secure App Logins for Android Users on Dashlane

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