Google wants to pay you $20 per hour to ‘drive’ its self-driving cars

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Credit: Google

If you live in Arizona and are looking for a new job, you can’t do much better than one of the coolest gigs Google has to offer.

The company is looking for drivers in Chandler for its self-driving cars, who will be tasked with collecting data in its specially-equipped SUVs.

You’ll need a clean driving record and the ability to type at a speed of 40 WPM. If you make the cut and are up for a 12-24 month contract, you’ll have to drive 6-8 hours a day, monitor Google’s autonomous driving software and report its performance to the company’s engineers.

Brian Torcellini, head of operations for Google’s Self-Driving Car testing program, told the Arizona Republic, “Test drivers play an important role in developing our self-driving technology. They give our engineers feedback about how our cars are driving and interacting with others on the road, and can take control of the vehicle if needed.”

Describing the ideal candidate for the job, he added, “In general, they need to be excellent drivers who pay really close attention to the road and can predict the social aspects of driving. Local drivers will be great for testing in the Phoenix area because they know the roads and local driving norms better.”

The company announced last month that it would begin testing its self-driving vehicles in Arizona, having previously expanded its trials across Mountain View in California, the Texan capital of Austin and Kirkland in Washington.

Via The Arizona Republic

Self-Driving Vehicle Operator / Operations Associate on Hireart

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