Google’s saved image searches are now available on desktop

Google’s saved image searches are now available on desktop

Last year, we reported Google’s headfirst dive into the world of Pinterest-esque photo bookmarking by allowing you to save photos in your browser and organize them by folder.

Today, you can do the same thing from your desktop.

The feature allows users to save their favorite images and then sort them into collections for easy retrieval later. So, when you’re in the midst of a landscaping project and making your 46th trip to Lowe’s, you can pull up these collections to remember just what it was you were looking for.

The feature works the same as it always has: simply click the star to favorite an item, from there you can tag it and add it to a collection — much like you can on Pinterest. Only now, you can create these collections no matter which device you’re using to access Google

The feature is available today.

Easily save the images you on desktop on Google Inside Search

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