Google updates AdWords to Material Design and offers more personalized features

Google updates AdWords to Material Design and offers more personalized features

Google AdWords is getting a facelift that will help it look a lot more Google-y and a lot less like a boring advertising platform.

Specifically, Adwords is getting a Material Design makeover, which Google says will help it focus on “the next 15 years.” Though it’s seeing a design makeover, Google says AdWords will work as it always has.

The change is also mobile-centric; speaking to Search Engine Land, AdWords Project Management director Paul Feng said “we rebuilt it several years ago for a desktop world — smartphones were only one year old. Now we are in probably the biggest shift since AdWords was introduced (and I’d argue perhaps ever) with mobile.”

Aside from an aesthetic refresh, AdWords is also going to get better at running campaigns that make sense for your business. Google says it’s taking the focus off of the product and will be giving users more tools to run advertising initiatives that fit their needs.

Similarly, Google is also going to surface better data about those campaigns, and make those details more actionable. Google hopes that will help customers run more campaigns and find new opportunities.

It’s also something we should have seen coming; last year, AdWords was updated to focus on interactive mobile ads — something Material Design is perfect for.

Google is only previewing the new-look AdWords, and will be rolling it out incrementally to partners.

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