Now you can power any app with Google’s speech recognition software

Google had plenty to announce for eager developers at its GCP Next event in San Francisco, but perhaps the most interesting was the company’s decision to create a brand new API around its speech recognition technology.

Called — what else — the Google Cloud Speech API, developers will now be able to build in Google’s speech recognition of more than 80 languages into any app. Available in real-time streaming or batch mode, the API can facilitate text transcription, voice commands, and a variety of other use cases utilizing the Google Cloud Platform.

The Cloud Speech API is one of many efforts Google is jumpstarting to bring its advanced Machine Learning technology to the developer community. By bringing some of its best innovations to its clients, Google is hoping to lure devs off of rival systems like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. In this case, image analysis, speech capabilities and active translations are the perks of siding with Google as your storage and deployment choice.

See the big list of all that was unveiled during the GCP Next keynote here.

Google takes Cloud Machine Learning service mainstream [Google Cloud Platform Blog]

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