Google may release an iOS keyboard, as if you needed that in your life

Google may release an iOS keyboard, as if you needed that in your life

Google is working on another way to filter iOS users through its search engine: a keyboard.

According to The Verge, Google is currently working on a keyboard for iOS that will have a dedicated search button. It is also said to have a GIF button, and allow for swipe text input.

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It’s not currently known when — if at all — Google will release this keyboard. Employees at Google have been toying with it for months, though.

It would bring in some key features the stock iOS keyboard is missing, but not anything we can’t get via other third-party keyboards, save for a dedicated Google search button.

Google may even be following Microsoft down the iOS keyboard rabbit hole. Interestingly enough, Microsoft recently acquired SwiftKey, which would potentially give it two impressions in the keyboard marketplace.

But it also smacks of desperation on Google’s end, especially if the main feature is search. That’s always been Google’s monetization engine, but the more we’re hit over the head with it, the less we want to use it.

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