Google now supports voice commands for Docs

Google now supports voice commands for Docs

Since rolling out support for voice typing back in September, Google Docs has made a significant jump from a convenience and accessibility standpoint. Now, it is even better, as today the company announced it would now support voice commands for Docs on Chrome.

These new commands will take care of all of the formatting that hasn’t yet been available when using voice with Docs. For example, you can highlight and replace a word, as well as start lists or change heading formats. Commands also exist for more complex tasks, like inserting tables.

See a comprehensive list of voice commands here.

In bringing voice commands to Docs, Google has essentially made a paid software utility free of charge for everyone. People with accessibility challenges or those who just like the feeling of using voice to type will be able to jump into Docs and start using it with a few simple keystrokes. But it is a bummer that it is only available currently for Chrome users on desktop — it will be nice to see if Google can get over the hurdle of providing voice commands for its mobile product in the future.

The new feature is available today, worldwide.


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