Gmail brings RSVPs and rich text to Android

Gmail brings RSVPs and rich text to Android

Google has released a helpful, stylish update to Gmail for Android that will make the service a lot easier for power-users to take advantage of. Namely, the mobile app now supports rich text and RSVPs — fairly nifty features when you’re using Gmail on the desktop.

Now, on mobile, users can add text styles like bold, italic, colored and highlighted to words within an email quickly and simply. It’s odd to think this feature wasn’t around previously, but it looks like Google is interested in helping its mobile users get the full experience of the mail client.


Additionally, ‘Instant RSVPs’ make it simpler to find and schedule things onto your calendar through mobile, as users can now respond to events with a single tap. Applicable for both Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange, you now won’t have to open up a separate calendar app.

Google says that more than two thirds of all Gmail users check their email on mobile, so it’s not surprising that the company is hustling to make the experience in total parity with the one available on a computer. These nifty updates are rolled out and ready for use.


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