Google gives Forms a makeover with new notifications and insights

Google gives Forms a makeover with new notifications and insights

Google Forms power users will have a lot to celebrate today, especially if they use the handy tool for workplace or education purposes. Today, the company announced a nifty makeover that includes new notifications, more granular insights, and faster ways to get forms up and running.

Templates are now available on the Forms screen, making it easy to access commonly used forms — including quizzes, event sign-ups and customer feedback forms. The Forms editor now also supports add-ons, to make it easy to incorporate scripts into the form itself. Popular tools like g(Math) for Forms, which have been available for use in Google Docs and Sheets, will now easily work with forms to create a unified suite of tools.

Feedback is also much easier. Form creators can now opt to get real-time email notifications when users respond to forms. For those who use Google for Work, there’s also a new tool that allows form creators to check the status on responses and set email reminders to nudge those who are late to respond.

Additionally, there’s now a way to view individual responses to forms, so users can easily flip between responses and drill down to understand more about how people answered particular questions.

It’s a neat bump to Forms that is also a welcome addition after the company revamped the new Forms UI in September— as Google continues to nurture its cloud-based collaboration programs, it’s nice to see a workhorse tool get a nice revamp.

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