Google’s Inbox now displays search results with cards

Google’s Inbox now displays search results with cards

Google’s Inbox email app is getting a useful update today that will make it easier to find information hidden within hundreds of conversations: it will now present answers directly as information cards, instead of having you read entire emails.

For example, you can look up tracking information for a package or previously-discussed movie times, and the app will present you the information at the top of search results in small Google Now-like cards – image included – instead of forcing you to scour through entire emails.

Google is calling the new feature ‘quick answers,’ a fitting name if it works as intended. You’ll still have access to standard search results below the information cards, but hopefully the new setup should make the vast amounts of information in your emails a bit easier to digest.


The update is rolling out today to users across desktops, Android and iOS.

Inbox by Gmail: find answers even faster [Google]

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